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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Hi...this is my second post...don't really know what to Hmm...went out with my cousins and brother to play LAN at Bugis. It was yesterday...(Saturday, 29th January 2005). Then while playing called. It was Vernica. Suddenly said that she wanted to join us with her brother. Then when I went to fetch more guys came. Our game must be that attractive I guess...haha. But things were very the sense that the people in Vernica's group was quite me. Lol...maybe they don't like me. Anyway...we played together but not the same game. After playing...we (me, my brother and 2 cousins) went to watch Elektra...while the Vernica's group continued playing. The show was quite decent...nice effects but the story was quite complex. was the first time I saw

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