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Monday, September 17, 2007

She Likes Me? (Part 2)

(Finally, my exams are over. Can you imagine? I had 3 tests today! Had to run from one lab to another to do my exams. It sure was xiong but finally it's over. However, I am worried for my Physics though. Anyway, the exams are over and now let's get back to the story. Part 1 can be found here.)

So where was I? Oh yah, let me paste the last part here for a little re-cap.

Me: Hey, you want to eat something?
She: Well, now that you mentioned it, I am getting hungry.
Me: Well, sometimes it is good to take a break you know.
She: Yah. By the way, thanks for the invite.

What is this? It's not like friendster or gmail invites. It's only a meal. Maybe I am just too sensitive.

Anyway, should I ask whether her friend is coming? What if he comes looking for her and she's not around?

Me: What happened to your friend?
She: Haha, don't worry, he's here already?
Me: Here already? Huh?

Then suddenly she gasped and blushed. She ran off to I-don't-know-where. What could possibly happen? Could it be...

(To be continued)

I knew it. As some of you have hinted over at the tag board, you guys maybe right. I don't know. I can't really confirm until it's really obvious else what if I am just being sensitive and things aren't what we all imagine it to be? Very paiseh right?

So I waited. Where did she run off to? I don't know. I guess her friend could be me. "Could be" because as I've said, I can't really confirm things. So that's about it. The End.

The second time I saw her was at the Cherry Boom concert. Some of you might have read about it from the earlier post. I didn't know she was there. Did she know that I went for the concert? I don't know. Anyway, after the concert, I left with my friend. My friend went his way while I walked to LWN Library to prepare for my 3 CAs that I had today. So I went there. Guess where I sat? I sat at one of the blue chairs on the second level of LWN near where she and I met the other time. I took out my notes and prepared my calculator. As I placed my stuff down, I saw her.

(Maybe I should give a name as referring to the person as "she" and "her" can be difficult. Let's call her En.)

Should I like wave at her or something? After all, she ran off embarrassed the other time. Or maybe I should just concentrate at my Maths, Physics and Life Sciences exams on Monday? As I looked up, I could see that she was just a few steps away from me walking towards my direction. Then suddenly our eyes met. She saw me. I don't know what to say. She stood still.

Let me tell you it was the most awkward situation ever. Imagine a guy sitting down with notes and calculator and a girl standing a few steps from him and both of them looking at each other not knowing what to say. By the way, it's not like I like or hate her. It's too early to say. So being the gentleman that I am I started the conversation.

Me: Did you go for the Cherry Boom concert?
En: Yes. Did you?
Me: Yes.

There. First contact has been made. It wasn't so bad after all. She was still standing. Should I invite her to sit? What if she refuse? Then I will be super paiseh. What if she was too shy to sit? Haiyah, sometimes such things can be complicated. Now I know why some people study Quantum Mechanics instead of spending time with their girlfriends.

Me: So where are you sitting?
En: I don't know.

Is she waiting for me? Haiya. Okay lah, just offer hear a seat.

Me: Erm, do you...

Before I could finish my sentence, she took a seat one chair away from me. So this means that there was an empty cube facing the other side in between us. If you go to LWN 2nd level you'll understand what I mean. For those who don't understand it's as if there's a gap in between my seat and her seat.

I opened my notes and read: "Angular momentum is equal to...

En: Excuse me.
Me: Yes?
En: I am sorry about the other day.

I act stupid.

Me: Which day?
En: The one at the library.
Me: Oh that one. Okay's okay. No harm done.
En: Thanks.

Wah so polite. Should I say you are welcome? No need lah else like "Effective Communication" elective like that. After that she said something that made me froze.

En: You have a nice blog.
Me: !!!

I was stunned! Oh no! How ever did she get to find my blog? I know Google is a powerful search engine but is it that powerful that by typing "the blur guy who stand there when I blush and ran" you'll get to my blog?

Me: did you find it?
En:'s a secret.

Oh no, I can't study already because this girl here read my blog. Oh no, how embarrassing that can be. And what secret can it be?

En: I like your stories.
Me: Which one?
En: Let me see...the super long one is really long but nice.
Me: You mean the one with the guy visiting the girl's family one?
En: Yah that one. You know, not many people write such stuff. Oh yah, are you free now? I need to collect something from some place and was hoping me.

Is this a trap? Would I be ambushed by 4 ninja turtles and a talking rat later? I am supposed to study for my 3 CAs and here is En who is in need of help. So what did I do? I took out a pen and paper and wrote down the pros and cons of helping her versus studying. Did I really do that? No I didn't, I went to help her.

Me: Okay.

So we left our stuff in LWN and walked out. It was late already at around 9.00pm. So we walked from LWN to wherever she's going.

Me: So where are you going?
En: My friend's hall to collect something.
Me: So where is your friend staying?
En: She stays somewhere near Hall 5.
Me: Hall 5? That's like the end of South Spine!
En: Yah I know.

Sheesh. It's a far walk. Oh well, it's Friday night and maybe I should just relax a bit. So we made our way from LWN to Nanyang Drive to ADM. From there we went through Nanyang Lake and onto Hall 5. The journey was quiet until we reached Nanyang Lake. By then, it was too quiet and so I started a conversation.

Me: So how did you find my blog?
En: Well, a friend of mine introduced it to me.
Me: I see. Which friend?
En: Haha...well, I can't really tell you.
Me: Oh ok.
En: You write interesting stuff.
Me: Really? Thanks.
En: Gak banyak orang punya pikirin yang sperti dengan mu.
(Not many people are like you.)

Whoa! She speaks my language!

Me: How did you know that I can speak...
En: I read from your blog :)
Me: So which part of Indonesia are you from?
En:'s too much of a coincidence but I am from...
Me: Medan?!?!?!
En: :D

I almost fainted. First she knew my blog, next she speaks Bahasa and comes from the same place where I grew up from. What's next? Is she going to transform to an angel and carry me and fly around NTU?

Me: I think I am about to faint...
En: Haha...relax. If you faint I won't be able to carry you back to LWN.
Me: True.
En: Aku suka lagu yang kamu translate.
(I like the song that you translated)
Me: Maksud mu "Kenangan Terindah?"
(You mean "Kenangan Terindah?")
En: Iya.
Me: Kenapa?
En: Gak tau. Mungkin...
(Don't know. Maybe...)

Just then, someone called her name and she went over to that person. I stood there as I thought of the recent things that happened. First the meeting at LWN, then the concert, then my blog, then her background. It's enough to make a story from it.

She came back with something. It was a small box.

En: Can we go back to LWN? My friend took my stuff and passed it to me here so that I need not walk all the way there.
Me: Okay.

So we walked back to LWN. As we walked back, I asked her.

Me: So what's inside?
En: Guess?
Me: A bomb?
En: Haha...nope it's not.
Me: No offence yah.
En: It's okay.
Me: I don't know.
En: Well, it's a present.

Oh okay. Who is it for? And why take a present in the middle of the night?

Me: Why take a present in the middle of the night?
En: Well, that's my business.

Oh okay loh. Win liao loh. I accompany you walk all the way here and you say such things.

En: Why angry arh? Haha.
Me: No lah, just thinking about something.
En: About what?
Me: Well, that's my business.
En: Ooi...
Me: Haha...

Well, I am just returning the Then suddenly I remembered something.

Me: Wait...what time does LWN close?
En: Oh yah! It closes at 9.30pm. We better run if not our stuff will be stuck inside!
Me: Don't like that leh, I got 3 CAs on Monday.
En: Haha...and I thought I was the only one who had 3 CAs on Monday.
Me: Let's quicken our pace.

And so we walked faster and made our way back to LWN. Luckily the place did not close completely. We grabbed our stuff and made our way out of the library. Haiz...I actually planned to study but in the end accompanied her and walked around.

En: So sorry to have disturbed your studies.
Me: Nevermind lah, the most I study at home.

Inside I was crying for the time wasted.

En: As a reward, I'll let you in on a secret.
Me: What is it?
En: Let's find a place to sit down.

We walked and found an empty wooden table. So we sat there. I sat down first and she sat in front of me. She took out the small box she took from her friend.

En: It's for you.
Me: Luckily it's not a bomb.
En: Hey!
Me: Joking...joking. So what is it?
En: Well, open it and tell me what you see.

I opened it and saw a neatly folded piece of paper and a small key chain that spelt her name.

En: So what did you see?
Me: A bomb.
En: Hey!

You know, sometimes, I can be so unromantic.

Me: Joking...joking. I see a piece of paper and a key chain with your name.
En: Okay. Good. I think I better go back now. Thank you for your time...I really...enjoyed it.
Me: Oh okay.

Did she just blushed? I don't know. And so she walked off as I sat on the table with the paper and key chain. I unfolded the paper and lo and behold it was a message. It was a hand phone number. I presume it's hers.

I turned over the piece of paper and saw a one line message that really spoke a lot. Those words somehow fit into that small piece of paper. That one line was:

Aku suka padamu.
(I like you.)

I lift up my head and saw the girl who wrote this walk away. What should I do? Should I run to her?

(To be continued.)

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