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Sunday, October 07, 2007

She Likes Me? (Part 6)

Exams are coming soon and I figured out that if I am going to write the next part after the exams, it will mean that the next part will come after November...and that's a looong time. So I guess I will just continue.

Where did we stop? Hmm...oh

(Note: This is the 6th part. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.)

She walked towards the lift and I walked towards the bus interchange. I walked for a few steps and thought of the things that happened.

En: Wait...

Huh? She ran over to where I was.

Me: What happened?
En: I just wanted to say...

She was breathing heavily...I don't blame her. The distance was quite far from the lift to where I was.

Me: Take your hurry.
En: .......

After a few seconds, the heavy breathing stopped.

En: I just wanted to say...
Me: ...
En: Thanks for accompanying me.

Fair enough.

Me: You are welcome.

With that En walked towards the lift while I walked towards the bus interchange. Like I said, En's a polite and nice person.

En: Stephen! Wait...

(To be continued...)

What could it be? Did something happen?

Me: What's up?

I sensed something...

En: You know the message on the folded piece of paper?

Oh that one...but what about the message?

Me: Uh huh...what about it?
En: I just wanted to know how you feel.

That was...I don't She's asking for my response to that sentence...things are getting serious. I thought of loosening the situation by cracking a joke, but there are times when a man has to be sensitive and play along.

You see, I don't know what to say. It's hard...

Me: Oh...I see.

I tried to buy time as I know that in such a scenario the words spoken must be very carefully chosen.

Me: By the way, what time is it now?

En looked at her watch.

En: It's still early.

She didn't really answer my question. I looked at the watch and saw that it was around 9.40pm. That bought me only a few seconds but it was enough. I knew what I wanted to say...I just hoped I won't make a mistake. Before saying anything, I looked at her face. She really looks different. It may be the last time I see her dressed in such I way. Somehow I knew that she will not dress this way in NTU.

Me: case you don't know, we have been standing here like for the past few minutes. Do you want to sit down?

I guess those few seconds were still not enough, I need more time to think. This is very different from exam questions where you can skip to the next and the most write something on the exam paper. This situation involves emotions and that from a girl which I personally feel is something precious.

Personally I feel that it's an honor to have someone to like you. I mean you and I are just average people who dig his/her nose once in a while, but when someone likes you, it's a totally different thing. I can't explain it well...I don't know why...I guess it's a real complex thing. I will try again. When someone likes you, in that person's eyes, you are that wonderful man/woman who means a lot to him/her. So in a's an honor to be that wonderful person in his/her life.

We walked and found a place to sit. It was a stone table. She sat opposite of me. Oh yah! I haven't asked if she liked the gift!

Me: By the way, do you like the gift?
En:'s the same huh?
Me: Well, until now I still can't figure it out.
En: Haha...take your time...I know you can...

You see, I gave her the same thing she gave me. A key chain. It's a different shape though and it doesn't have my name as you can't expect me to find the same key chain she gave with my name on it in such a short time. Nevertheless, I was right about one thing...the thing is that the key chain has a significance and I am supposed to find it. Girls...

I looked at my watch. It was 9.45pm. She must not go back late, lest her mother gets worried for her.

En: So...what's your answer?

We got back to the topic. I need to give my answer.

Me: I don't have much time now...
En: What do you mean?
Me: Before my answer, I have to explain something else to you.
En: can we meet up some other day.

This time she initiated it.

Me: I'll contact you on the next outing.
En: Outing huh...

I guess she hates that word.

Me: Oh look at the time now. It's late...
En: Oh yah...I am so sorry to have made you stay until so late...
Me: No worries...I am fine...after all I appreciate you taking off your glasses for today even though it's hard on you.

She She stood up first followed by me. This time I waited and walked along with her to the lift. I pressed the button.

En: Thanks.
Me:'s takes only a bit of effort to press that button over there.
En: Yah...but still you made that effort right?

Interesting way to argue.

Me: Okay...okay...

I looked at the elevator and saw that it will take a while for it to come down. So what should I do now?

Me: The elevator's coming...send my regards to your mum.
En: Okay.


Wow...that was fast...

The door opened I stood outside as En walked in. She looked at me and smiled. As the door closed she waved goodbye. I smiled and waved back at her.

Did I do the right thing? I guess my answer was still not ready yet. I rather answer later than answer now and make a terrible mistake.

I walked towards the bus stop as thoughts of recent happenings flooded my mind. Phew...a lot sure has happened.

All of a sudden, I thought of the answer! It was so simple! The meaning of the key chain...was...yes...yes that must be it! After all, that's the only reason I can think of. I got excited and wanted to tell En my answer, however, she's already back home. So I guess I can only SMS her.

My SMS: Hi...sorry to disturb you, but I finally thought of the meaning of your key chain.
En's SMS: That's fast...where are you? It's late already.

That's nice...she's concerned for me. However, I was too excited. I SMSed to her my interpretation of the key chain.

My SMS: Does the key chain represents...
En's SMS:'s correct. I told you you are smart.

I couldn't believe the answer was so simple.

The key chain she gave was one without any keys. Why? Because it was not complete. What it lacks was one thing - a key. She gave this key chain to the one whom she thinks holds the key to her heart. Simple but deep in meaning.

Let me repeat that.

The key chain she gave was one without any keys. Why? Because it was not complete. What it lacks was one thing - a key. She gave this key chain to the one whom she thinks holds the key to her heart. Simple but deep in meaning.

My SMS: it possible for you to come down? If not then it's okay.
En's SMS: Wait...I ask my mum first.

I finally decided on my answer already. Was it too late? I hope her mum allows her.

My phone beeped. I checked.

En's SMS: I am on my way now.

I waited at the lift. I don't know which floor she stayed but there was one coming down. I walked over to the lift and waited. I could see that the lift was almost reaching the first floor. I cleared my throat and waited in front. The lift door opened...

Me: Erm...En I thought of my answer already...

I looked up and saw an old man! The old man looked at me with those eyes and I smiled sheepishly. It was so paiseh lah...then I heard a giggle. It was En! En was behind the old En looked different now as she was in her home clothes. Simple shirt and pants.

En: I didn't know I grew so old in such a short time...
Me: I am sorry...I didn't know you were behind the old man.
En: So what was it that you wanted to say?

We made our way beside the lift lest we block someone. It was night and the breeze was nice and cold.

Me: Simple, you know my blog's address right?
En: Yes. Why?
Me: It has something to do with your question earlier on regarding my answer.
En: Oh that one.

She looked embarrassed at the mention of it.

Me: Well, I wrote the post titled "She Likes Me?"
En: Haha...that one...
Me: Let's just say that that series of stories will end at around part...

I thought of the number of parts I needed...

Me: Part 7...yes 7. I will tell you the answer by then. As Part 7 will be the last one. At the same time, I will also tell those readers the answer. After all, for the story to go until part 7, it's a lot of suspense don't you think?
En: Haha...true...true.
Me: Well I guess that's my answer.
En: answer that doesn't really answers the question.

We laughed. With that, we talked for a while more before we said goodbye.

I thought of what has happened from Part 1 until now and came to a was there at the very start of it...I guess I was right...I just only need 7 parts to this story.

(To be continued)

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