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Sunday, January 30, 2005

"The Most Embarrassing Moment In My Life"

This is just a composition. The story is similar to the one that I wrote for my GCE O's not the same as I forgot most of it already. Hope that you would enjoy it.

Hi, my name is not that important. I mean does Jack sounds like anything interesting? Well, I am now studying in a neighbourhood school. There are a lot of things in my school that I really like; they are my friends, teachers, CCA, and most of them all, Anastasia.

Well, you must be wondering who this Anastasia is. She is a girl in my class, though she is very popular in my class, I still have some hope of making friends with her. It is without say that there are a lot of boys who are wooing her, even those in Sec 3 and Sec 4. looks like my chances are slim. Even Carlos, the most famous boy in my school, is interested in her. He is so famous that even girls from other schools know him and his handphone number!

Yesterday, I went to prepare for tomorrow's Prom Night. Yup, tomorrow is my school's Prom Night for us Sec 2s. But obviously there would be some Sec 3s and Sec 4s, and not to mention Carlos, who would be there just to see Anastasia. My attire would be simple; a short-sleeved shirt and jeans for the occassion. Guess what? I am going to sit on the same table with Anastasia! Wow! I just received this news after lunch today. And it is a two-seat table! I guess the heavens must be smiling on me. Anyway...I better get a present for Anastasia. Would a CD do? Or maybe I should get her some flowers. Roses would be nice. And I must not forget to wish her a "Happy Birthday" tomorrow.

Finally, the day has arrived! I went there early and mingled with some of my classmates. Carlos was there too. He walked up to me and said, "Hey small boy. I know you've been wanting to get Anastasia. But let me tell you this: getting to sit on the same table as her won't make you win this game. All the best NERD!" What can I say? Carlos is a famous guy with girls all around him. It did affect my self-confidence. But nevertheless, I need to try my best.

Then suddenly, the door of the school hall opened. In came an elegant lady. Her eyes dazzled like diamonds and her teeth were like white pearls lined in a row. Her smile was infectious. Her personality was simply charming. There she was, Anastasia, elegantly dressed in a night gown. What could I say? Silence reigned throughout the hall for what seemed like hours.

"Erm, Anastasia, would you like to sit now?" I asked sheepishly.

"Well...ok," she answered with a smile. Oh that smile that made my legs melt.

On the table we began chatting on topics such as CCAs and school.

"So how's your day?" Anastasia asked.

" was fantastic!" I replied as I swing my arms wide open to make my point clearer.

However, in the process of swinging my arms, I accidentally hit a waiter, the pepper container that he was serving flew up into the air! And I looked up to see what happened. Sadly, the pepper container flew up and the contents hit my eyes! All of these in front of Anastasia. I wished I could just hide my head under the chair! My eyes sting like never before. What a way to make a first impression!

"Are you all right?" Anastasia asked, concerned about the situation.

"Yeah, I am fine. I think I need to go to the toilet. Excuse me." I answered, trying to hide my embarrassment

I rubbed my eyes, trying to get every speck of pepper out of my eyes. As I washed my face and looked at the mirror in front of me, I was dismayed and shock by what I beheld. There was my reflection, showing a boy with puffy eyes like a goldfish. That was not the end of it! My eyes were also red. They were so red that I myself got scared of my own reflection! Oh no! How am I ever going to see Anastasia in such a state? After thinking for a while. I suddenly remembered that I had brought along my sunglasses. I decided to wear them even though the idea of wearing sunglasses in a dimly-lit room seemed ridiculous. Well, I will just tell Anastasia that it was the pepper that made my eyes sensitive to the lights.

As I made my way out back to my table, I saw Carlos there on my seat! The both of them seemed to be talking, enjoying themselves in each other's company. Oh, how I wished that Carlos would just vanish in thin air. I guess that was the end of the whole thing. How could an average school boy like me ever get to beat a famous boy like Carlos.

I walked out of the door, feeling dejected and sad. When suddenly, someone tapped me from behind. Could it be...

"Hey Jack!" the person from behind said.


"Well, you are going back now is it? Why don't I accompany you back home? I hope that it's fine with you."

"Sherlyn? Hey...I guess that would be all right," I answered, somehow disappointed that it was not Anastasia.

Well, what did you know? The journey back to home that night spelt a new beginning for a new friendship. She is much better than Anastasia, a whole let better. Though Sherlyn lose in terms of looks, but her character and warm personality really makes her unique, uniquely Sherlyn. But that is another story for another time.

(This piece of composition is fictional. All names or events that bears resemblance to any threads of reality are purely coincidental.)


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Blogger sam87 said...

wah u think movie r? haha. y not create 1 animation like gan cheong kin

8:02 PM, February 01, 2005  

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