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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bad Flu

Don't really know why but these few days I always have a flu in the morning. Maybe I am still sick that's why. But I heard that if someone is really sick, a fever would accompany whatever symptoms he might be showing. So I guess I am just unwell...haha. If this was the case back in the SARS period that we experience, a lot of attention would be given to the guy who got the flu. Consider this scenario.

Teacher: Class, please take out the Ketones worksheet that I gave you yesterday. I presume that all of you have done it.

A: Eh...B, I never do Now a bit scared aldy. Last time this teacher always talk a lot...say want to do this and do that to those who never do their work. But recently I heard tt she will bring those who never do to see HER.

B: (Displaying a shocked face) You mean...HER? As in HER....the HER that we all...fear?"

Teacher: two...wad are the two of you talking about?

A and B: Nothing Cher.

B: Yah...I know. Now SARS period right? Why don't you...

A: Hehe...I know what you talking about. Ok...ok.

Teacher: A like take so long to take your homework. Did you like left it at home?

A: No Cher. But I am think I am sick. Not feeling well lah...throat a bit sore, cough (pretends to cough) and I think I may have a fever.

Teacher: You sure anot? Go outside the class and measure your temperature.

B goes outside and takes his temperature. However, the temperature would not go above 36.7. In order to qualify for the semi-finals....erm I mean fever, B needs to achieve a minimum temperature of 37.5 and above.

B: Oh man...why won't the temperature go up? If continue like that...I will get into trouble. Haiz.

Then a stroke of genius (or should I say craftiness) hit B. He took out the thermometer and rubbed it. To his delight, temperature easily shot up to above 37.5. Feeling unsatisfied, he continued rubbing it until it reached 39.1.

B: Teacher sure ask me to go home one. Hehe. Now I just need to act sick. My face adjust a bit here and there...

B walks into the classroom.

Teacher: So how's your temperature?

B: (Cough)...Cher (Cough even louder) my temperature is 39.1 (Cough like until want to die)

Teacher: I think you better go home. You won't want to infect the other students here.

B: Yes teacher...thanks for your understanding.

With that B packs his bag and dragged his feet out of the classroom. Once outside, he ran to the bus stop and went to MacDonald's and eat.

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Blogger Vern said...

Hey! Did u compose the story? Lol. Or maybe... U r B? =p

7:05 PM, February 01, 2005  
Blogger Punitha said...

haha..That just sounds like someone we know..Not to forget those times when some of those who didn't bring the thermometers for the assembly took out pens and faked it as a thermometer. Crafty..

4:46 PM, February 02, 2005  

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