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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Value Of Honesty In A Relationship

Here's a story I heard from one close friend. He's now happily married and seemed content in life. He shared with me this story as I asked him what was important in a relationship. His answer? Honesty. I decided to post the story as I myself found it helpful. Hopefully you will find it helpful too. A warning though, it is a long story. It won't end in this post. I will continue when I have the time.

Names have been changed and speeches are not 100% exact as the one I heard, but it's phrased so in the post to give the readers an idea of what happened.



Alex knew Alicia had a torch for him. Yet he couldn't bring himself to accept her. Alicia didn't realize that. She was in love with him. He liked her too, but there was something that egged him. However, as time passed by, he saw that Alicia was truly a beautiful girl - both in terms of looks and character. He can't help but fall for her too.

They went on dates and their feelings grew for each other. Things looked very pretty for them - a caring man and a loving woman. Their friends and family talked about them as the ideal couple. After about a year or so, in one of the dates, Alicia asked a question.

Alicia: *smiling* Alex, do you think it's time?

Alex knew what she meant, but somehow, he felt uneasy and sad. He felt guilty.

Alicia: *looking concerned* What's wrong?

Alex: Nah, it's okay. I am fine *giving a weak smile*.

Alex ignored her hint and strayed to some other not important topics. When it was time for home, he sent her to her doorstep. She went in and waved goodbye. He smiled. It was fake. Deep inside, he was struggling on one decision that he need to make. It may not look like a big deal to him or the people around, but to Alicia and her parents, it maybe one big issue that may affect their relationship. It was then that he decided to tell her. Maybe not that night for she maybe tired after the date.

Alex: Hi Alicia, it's me Alex. Will you be free tomorrow night? I have something quite important that I must talk to you about.

Alicia: Sure. Is something bugging you? You looked quite stressed just now.

Alex: Sort of. Talk to you tomorrow night. Good night.

Alicia: Sure. Take care.

Alicia couldn't sleep that night. She became worried too. She remembered that worried look on his face. Deep inside, she hoped that it wouldn't be a break-up. After all, they had been through thick and thin in the past one year. However, that worried look on Alex's face that night was simply disturbing. She prayed hard that night.

The night came and they went out. Alex looked for a quiet place to talk. Alicia followed him by his side, ever-worried of that fearful word.

Alicia: So what is it that you want to tell me?

Alex: I know that you are a nice girl. Great personality, great character with good looks. I can say that I am a blessed man to be able to be your boyfriend.

Alicia: Aw...that's sweet.

Alex: I find that as time passed by, I began to realize that I would be a happy man if I can live with you till our golden years, but...

(Alicia was anticipating for the worse.)

Alex: my past haunts me.

Alicia: What past?

Alex: You are a conservative woman, so is your family.

Alicia: So?

Alex: How should I say this? *fidgets for awhile before looking away from her* You are not the first girlfriend I invited...

Alicia: Stop! Don't say anymore...

Alex: I guess that's it.

Alicia: ...

Alex: I decided to tell you now is because I want you to marry me for who I am and not who you think I am. I love you, and it's because of that it makes it so difficult to make the decision of whether to tell you or not. I can keep quiet and all but I don't want to hide anything from the woman I love, but to tell may hurt you or worse, end this relationship if you feel I was too liberal in my youth or your parents can't accept it. Whatever it is, I decided to be honest with you.

It was at this point that Alicia felt hurt. No doubt it was not that fearful word, yet somehow she felt broken inside. Alex kept something from her all this time, she shared all and kept nothing from him. Yet he did that to her. She felt betrayed. Furthermore, Alex was her first boyfriend while she was his nth.

Alicia: *sob* I...I'm sorry, but I need time to think. It's all too much.

Alex: Alicia...I'm sorry I hid this from you.

Alicia: Thanks. Good night I need to go home.

Alex: Do you want me to send you home?

Alicia: It's fine. I can manage. Thanks for your concern.

Alicia started to walk to the taxi stand while Alex stood there watching her go. He kept thinking whether he had done the right thing. Was he too crude in his delivery? Was he wrong? No because he was being honest to the woman he loved. Yes because he had hurt her. He drove back home and fell on his bed.

He stared out of the window with trains of thoughts going through his mind. He thought about the past times that they shared. Be it sweet or bitter, somehow they manage to come out of them all. He gave a weak smile before a sigh. Closing his eyes, he tried to sleep, but nay, sleep was far from him. She was the one who taught him certain values that he didn't have. Ironically, one of them was honesty. He became so confused that night so much so that he slept late and was late for work the next day.

Alex: Hi boss, sorry I am late.
Boss: Is anything the matter? I mean, normally you are one of the earliest. Is it Alicia?
Alex: Thanks for the concern, but I am okay.

He rushed to his cubicle and looked at his schedule for the day. Suddenly his phone beeped. He received one SMS from Alicia.

Alicia's SMS: When you are free, talk to my parents about what you told me last night.

Was she indirectly rejecting him? Was there any hope for him? He replied back.

Alex's SMS: Sorry Alicia if I have hurt you, I hope that you are okay. Did you tell them anything?

Sadly, there was no reply from Alicia. That day somehow seemed to be the worst day of his life. He trudged his body to the meeting room for a business discussion. Forcing a smile, he wished that things would turn out for the better.

End of part 1.


I guess I will stop here for now. Feel free to share your views and opinions.

I warned you that it was a long post didn't I?

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Anonymous teddY said...

This post features a complicated relationship. I never tried to guess what will happen in part 2, but I can see something bad. There might not be a happy ending in the end. I'm not sure... just my guy feeling.

Well obviously your friend is a good story teller!

10:50 AM, December 08, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Hm...I won't spoil the story now.

He is a good story teller else I won't sit there and listen to him tell all the

Personally I feel he's honest in that he told the truth to his girlfriend. I wonder whether couples nowadays do the same thing or hide skeletons in their closet.

3:46 PM, December 08, 2006  

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