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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Value Of Honesty In A Relationship (Part 4)

Here's the fourth part of the story. Enjoy.

(Click here for the first part, here for the second part and here for the third part.)


Alex left the house with a heavy heart. Uncle explained everything to Auntie who was still confused. After hearing the explanation, Auntie realized that the whole situation was actually not that simple.

Auntie: Why didn't you tell me earlier? You left me there confused not knowing the whole story.

Uncle: Well, even if you knew at that point of time, what could you do? Alex was trying to be polite in his delivery.

Auntie: Oh well.

Uncle: By the way, don't you find this whole scene kinda familiar?

Auntie: Familiar? What do you mean?

Uncle: How can you forget? It was quite an important event.

Auntie: Hm...oh you mean that one.

Uncle: In the end, do you remember what happened?

Auntie: Yah, funny that it should occur again.

Alex, on his way home, decided to send one SMS to Alicia.

Alex's SMS: Alicia, I went over to your house just now. I spoke with your parents about it and yah...I did my part. I really hope that your parents and more importantly you, are able to accept me. I am really sorry for the hurt you've experienced.

Alicia's phone beeped. As she took her phone, the door opened.

Uncle: Why, if it isn't Alicia.

Alicia: !

Auntie: Your sobs are kinda loud and it gave you away. What happened to your outing?

Alicia: My friends were all busy. The outing's canceled.

Auntie: I see.

Uncle: Anyway, Alex came just now and talked to us about his past. He's a honest kid to tell something like that.

Auntie: Anyway, your father and I would like to ask you this. Do you still love him?

Alicia: ......

Uncle: Take your time to answer. Before we tell you ours, we would like to know what your answer is.

Alicia: ......

Auntie: Maybe we are disturbing her. Alicia, we will give you some time to think it over.

Uncle: When you have an answer, feel free to tell us. Once you tell us your decision, we will tell you ours. Remember that we are here to support you. That's what a family's for.

Auntie: Let's not disturb Alicia anymore.

Uncle: Okay, whatever you say.

Alicia: Wait...

Auntie: What is it Alicia?

Alicia: I...I have decided.

Alex was worried on his side. He had already sent one SMS to Alicia, and yet there wasn't any reply from her. He was getting worried. Did she do anything foolish? Not possible, Alicia's a strong girl. If that's not it, what could it be? Has she decided to break up with him?

Whatever the result, it was getting late and Alex had to go back home. He waited at the bus stop, hoping that Alicia would reply him. Sadly, there wasn't any reply. The bus came and he took it.

As he sat by the window, he remembered how bus trips were always exciting with her by his side.

Alicia: You know something?

Alex: What is it?

Alicia: That cloud up there resembles your face.

Alex: Really?

Alicia: Yes.

Alex: Where is it?

Alicia: There. Up there. Can't you see it?

Alex: Where?

Alicia: There...there.

Alex: Where?

Alicia: look funny like that.

Alex: Not funny.

Alicia: Hey, it's only a joke come on, don't need to be so serious.

Alex: ...

Alicia: Okay, okay. It wasn't funny.

Alex: look cute when you are pouting like that.

Alicia: Why you...

Alex: Hey, it's just a joke.

Alicia: I know. Actually I like it when you give me such surprises.

Alex: What kind of surprises?

Alicia: Don't pretend. I know you know.

Alex: are getting smarter and smarter eh?

Alicia: Well, what can I say? After mixing with you, it's only natural to be smart.

Alex: Aw...that was so sweet.

Alicia: Hehe. Oh the bus stop is just in front.

Alex: Aw...that's so fast.

Alicia: Hey, I need to be back home.

Alex: Why don't I send you all the way to your house?

Alicia: It's okay. After all, you have projects and stuff to complete.

Alex: It's okay. It's only a short distance.

Alicia: Nah, I am a big girl now.

Alex: But I am bigger.

Alicia: what if you are bigger?

Alex: Well...nothing I guess.

Alicia: Trying to play around with words huh.

Alex: Nah.

Alicia: Oh no, the bus has left my stop already.

Alex: !

Back to reality, Alex produced a smile. Oh how he missed those days. That night, it was only one Alex in the bus, no longer the Alex and Alicia couple who used to sit together.

Alex: Well, a girl like Alicia definitely deserved a better man than me. In the event she doesn't want to be with me anymore, I just hope that she'll meet a nice guy who will take care of her.

It was then that Alex's phone beeped. He immediately grabbed his phone and checked the SMS received. It was Alicia's! The sudden adrenaline rushed he received at that moment was overwhelming.

Alicia's SMS: Erm, thanks for your concern and thank you for coming. Will you be free this Saturday? I have decided and I feel that it's only fair that you should know. The place would be the same as the night when you told me about your past.

Alex: Well, it's already at the end and she's still trying to be nice by meeting me to say that it's all over. I guess she would feel bad if she broke up with me and left me in the dark about it. I must say that never have I met a girl like her. The least I could do now is to be nice and meet her

Alex's SMS: You are welcome. This Saturday will be fine. Thanks for answering, you don't know how much your answer means to me. Thanks.

With the SMS sent, all Alex could do was to wait for that day to come. In the meantime, he tried to live life without Alicia. The normal "how are you?" and "hope that you are fine" were no longer sent nor received. He went through all this, hoping that it would make the break up less hurtful for him.

As the days past, Alex couldn't help but feel nervous. He wanted to meet Alicia, and yet was afraid of the news she would bring.

Finally, the day came. It was Saturday.


Phew...that sure took quite a while. For your information, one part such as this took around 3 – 4 hours to complete. Why so much time? Well, first, some recollection, after that, the phrasing of the speech spoken by the characters in it. Next will be proofreading. Finally one last read through. In the event that there are parts to be added or taken away, it will need to be proofread again.

Once again, feel free to drop your comments. If you love/hate/empathize/insert-an-emotion-here with any of the characters, feel free to say so.

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