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Saturday, September 08, 2007

She Likes Me?

She: So where are you going now?
Me: I am going to the library. Lee Wee Nam to be exact. You want to follow?
She: Never mind.
Me: Okay.

She got the courage to talk to me. Call me old-fashioned or whatever but for a girl to approach a guy and ask him where he's going is a daring thing to do. I sensed something, but kept it to myself lest I was wrong.

She's someone from the same course as me. Recently, she has been looking at me for quite some time. I don't know if it is something girls do when they are bored or maybe she's just interested in me. Of course I maybe wrong. I won't reveal names though.

Anyway, I was in LWN and chose a spot to study at the "Science" level. I placed my bag beside me and lo and behold, guess who was there beside me!

Me: Eh?
She: Surprised?
Me:, I just said "Eh?".
She: You are lame you know.

At that point of time, I wanted to say that if I was lame, I wouldn't be able to walk to LWN, but I refrained lest she find me lame-beyond-repair.

Me: So what are you studying?
She: The same course as you.
Me: Duh! I mean the subjects. Like Physics or Maths.
She: Lol...I am studying Physics.'s not possible that she "lol-ed" in real life. Let me correct that.

She: Haha...I am studying Physics. What about you?

Shucks. I am studying Physics too but it's too much of a coincidence so I said some other thing.

Me: I am...erh...trying to meditate.

Oh no. I just gave the most crappiest reason ever.

She: Meditate? In the library?
Me: Well, see...

I am in deep trouble. She may think I am a nut case.

Me: I have a blog but have not been updating it for a long time so I am thinking of something to write.
She: You have a blog? Cool! What's the address?

Oh no, she's asking for my blog address. The conversation is getting from bad to worse for me so I strayed from the topic by asking her a question.

Me: Wait...wait...wait, why are you here? I thought you said earlier that you didn't want to come?
She: Well, I am meeting my friend here you see. He told me that he will be here.

Is that an excuse? I don't know, anyway, I was tired of playing games and took out my Physics stuff to study.

She: I thought you said you were going to meditate?
Me: Nah, better study. CA is coming.

And so we studied. As I studied I was stuck with something. Should I ask her? Paiseh lah, I am a man leh, where got guy ask girl one? Aiya, who cares about such things?

Me: Excuse me, do you know how to do this problem?
She: Haha.

Wah piang! I ask only and she laughed!

Me: What happened?

She: I was just thinking of asking you the same question!
Me: -_-

If I was patient to wait for a few more seconds...

She: It's a tough question.
Me: Yah I know.

And with that, we continued to study.

We studied for like about one hour already when I became hungry. Should I ask her along to grab a bite? I don't know. What if her friend comes while we were away? her friend coming in the first place? What if her friend was an excuse for her to be there? If that was the case, she must be daring. But if I leave her like that by herself, then it won't be very gentlemanly of myself right?

Me: Hey, you want to eat something?
She: Well, now that you mentioned it, I am getting hungry.
Me: Well, sometimes it is good to take a break you know.
She: Yah. By the way, thanks for the invite.

What is this? It's not like friendster or gmail invites. It's only a meal. Maybe I am just too sensitive.

Anyway, should I ask whether her friend is coming? What if he comes looking for her and she's not around?

Me: What happened to your friend?
She: Haha, don't worry, he's here already?
Me: Here already? Huh?

Then suddenly she gasped and blushed. She ran off to I-don't-know-where. What could possibly happen? Could it be...

(To be continued)

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