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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Freshmen Welcome Day 2007

I met one of my friends yesterday at Boon Lay Interchange before going to NTU for the Freshmen Welcome Day. Sounds big huh? Well, I reached there and had to decide to take the 179 or 199 bus. It wasn't a hard decision. The extremely long queue for the 179 bus really scared my friend and I. It was only like around 8.30am in the morning and the queue was like longer than those for TOTO and 4D. Seriously...that was the longest queue I've ever seen.

We took the 199 bus and eventually reached NTU. We were early so we went to the PC shop (forgot the name of it) to take some brochures in case we want to buy a laptop.

Let me digress a bit as I'm reminded of a chat my friend (another friend) and I had the day before. It went something like this.

Me: So will you be going for tomorrow's Freshmen Welcome Day?
Friend: Not really, but I will be going to NTU to buy a Mac.
Me: For what? You can find MacDonald's at Jurong Point wad. No need to go all the way to NTU.
Friend: I am talking about an iMac lah.
Me: Lol...I thought MacDonald's.

Lesson learnt? Not all Mac's can be eaten.

Anyway my friend and I took some brochures and scanned at the prices. They were around $2000. The most expensive one was around $3000. Do I really need a laptop? I am not staying in hall as I stay in Jurong. I guess I will see how things go.

After spending some time in the PC shop, we made our way to Nanyang Auditorium. It was our second time there. The first was on Thursday with the College of Engineering Orientation. The Nanyang Audi was big and looked kinda grand. At first we wanted to sit somewhere in the middle, however, one of the ushers there asked us to sit near the front. Oh fine...when we reached our seats, we were surprised to see a gown folded neatly on the seats. There was also a goodie bag with a wind breaker (my favorite item), a small torch, programe details and a pink slip which we could exchange for something. The emcees were Benny and Grace. The emcees told us to practice switching on our torches in a particular sequence. All I can say was that the practice wasn't enough. Everyone had their sense of timing and it was totally out of sync. Nevertheless, the emcees said that we did a good job.

Then some important people like Dr Su Guaning(president of NTU) came and sat chairs placed on the stage. Next were talks by three people. The one that really impressed me was the third speaker. His name is Mr Roderick Chia CEO of Spiral Communications. He told us that he wasn't good in English and was from the Normal stream. Yet despite that, he worked extremely hard and got a degree and a Masters later on. I was inspired by him. He didn't sit back and cry but instead worked hard towards his goal. His father didn't believe that he could go to university but he did! That man knew what he wanted and worked towards it! Inspiring!

After the three speakers was the recital of NTU Honour Pledge. I didn't know entering a university had such things. We wore the gown on our seats (so that was what the gown was for) and said the pledge. Reminded me of how we would take the pledge every morning in primary school.

The last speaker was Dr Su Guaning. He mentioned something about how the guys would be 2 years older than the girls in our batch. He said that it is good in that the guys can take care of the girls. However, he mentioned that not all girls would like to be taken care of. We all laughed. After that the important people sat with us to enjoy the following programs.

The first item was a dance by MJ (Modern Jazz). It consisted of two parts. The first had girls wearing black with their tummy exposed. Can you imagine how those professors sitting in the front would react when they see these girls dancing with exposed tummies? Lol. The next part of the dance was by guys dressed in some yellow kung-fu attire.

Next was a performance by ACES (some cheer leading group). This performance consisted of guys throwing girls in the air and catching them. Why don't they just sit around and play Monopoly? Maybe that's why I can never be in cheer leading. Anyway, there was one part of the performance that really caught my attention. It was the beginning. At the beginning one lady stood on the palms of this guy. They weren't the only pair to do so. However, in this particular pair, the guy's hands was unstable and as soon as I saw his palms moving I knew something bad was gonna happen. How true I was. The lady on top lost balance and fell backwards! The guy below fell along with her. Both landed with a loud thud amidst the loud music and cheers from the cheer leading group. It was very embarrassing...very embarrassing. I sympathize with them for such an unfortunate accident. Nevertheless, they continued on with the performance.

The last was a performance by international students titled "Voices of the World". It consisted of students from different countries singing a song that was familiar in their country. Then after all of them had sung their songs, everyone sang "I Believe I Can Fly". I think they chose that song because the theme was "Ready To Fly". Out of all the songs, the one I liked most was the first one sung by Indonesians. The song was "Bengawan Solo".

After everything ended, I went back home. So that was roughly how Freshmen Welcome Day 2007 was.

Now I have to plan my timetable, plan how I am going to do all my PEs, GERs, COREs...etc. Wah...entering university is not that easy. Nevertheless, I am excited...very excited :)

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