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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

She Likes Me? (Part 5)

This is the 5th part. Enjoy. I won't write the next part for a long time as I have an exam coming up soon.

I stopped here the other time.

(Note: This is the 5th part. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.)

In short, she looks beautiful.

Me: Yah...yah. I heard what you said. You asked what time did I arrive right?
En: No.

This is the side effect of being stunned.

Me: Sorry...I was kinda lost.
En: Lost? In what?

Oops! She caught me. I better say something smart.

Me: Lost in that tutorial of mine which I did last night.

Nerd answer.

En: still thinking about that? Well I was asking whether you are hungry.
Me: A bit. Why don't we look for a place to eat?
En: Okay.

So there I was with En as we find a place to eat in West Mall. How will our outing turn out? I am not too sure. Is she sincere? I can't say. What has she got to explain? I don't know. More importantly...why does she need an outing to explain herself instead of in the library?

(To be continued)

It was awkward since it was the first time going out with her. I looked at her. She seemed confident though. I guess maybe I think too much. To break the ice, I thought of a question from my "question bank". Should I use the "What's the square root of 2?" or the "If I integrate cosx what will I get?" or the "As we walk through the shopping mall, do you know the amount of friction between our feet and the ground?".

Finally after careful consideration, I chose one.

Me: So what do you like to eat?
En: How about you? For me, anything's fine.

You know, she somehow looked different. Unlike the En I knew. I even had to ask myself whether it was En I was going out with.

En: By the way, what's the square root of two?

Huh? What on earth is happening? Why the sudden weird question? Furthermore, it was from my "question bank".

Me: That's a weird question.
En: I agree...

She looked at me and smiled. Did she just read my mind and knew that I was about to ask her that? Oh my...I think she works for the CIA. Maybe she's trying to tell me that by asking such a question, I will look weird.

Anyway, we were still walking about aimlessly not knowing where to eat. I don't know what's her budget for dinner so I didn't dare suggest anything. If I suggest "Koufu", she may think I am a cheapskate. If I suggest "Pastamania" she may think that I spend too much money on food. You see, going out with a girl for the first time has its own equations to solve.

Me: Why don't we eat at Koufu?
En: It's fine with me.

Great. This equation was solved. We made our way to the top at Koufu.

Me: You said you wanted to explain something...
En: Oh yah...
Me: I am all ears.
En: It was Thursday night right when you called?
Me: Uh huh.
En: Yeah...when I picked up the phone, I didn't realize it was you. I gave you my number on the night of the concert, but waited for a long time. I thought you would never call.
Me: No...I tried to call you. In fact, I tried to call you on the following Monday night. But it seemed that your phone was engaged everytime I called.
En: Really?

She smiled. I guess when you tell a girl that even if you can't reach her, but at least you have tried, she will be content. At least that's how it was for En.

En: Maybe my phone was switched off.
Me: I thought you were having some intellectual conversations with your friends regarding the exam questions.
En: think too highly of me.
Me: Well, you are in NTU and all NTU students are smart...
En: Haha...seriously...

We reached Koufu and looked for a place to sit. Ooh...just nice. There's a place there. En was in front of me and she sat down. I sat in front of her. It was a two seater. Should I order for her?

En: What do you want to eat? I'll help you buy.

Too late.

Me: Hm...mee tiong sim?

(Note: Mee tiong sim is a type of noodle found in Medan.)

En: Haha...well, if you give me the money to fly to Medan...
Me: I was joking. about you? What do you want?
En: depends... many unknowns and to solve?

Me: Okay. I'll take the mini wok noodle.
En: Okay.

With that, En walked off towards the stall even before I could pass to her the money. It's not very nice if she paid for it so I placed the money on the table.

As she bought the food I looked at her. Thoughts came to my mind. Thoughts such as, "What is the work done by En when she walked from here to there?". That was a joke. Seriously, I couldn't believe how things were turning out. It all started with an innocent trip to collect a box. The box led to her number. Her number led to a call and poof, here I was with her. She looked different, unlike the...

Eh...she just looked at me...

As I was saying, she looked different, unlike the En I knew.

What's that? She's buying from the same stall. wonder she said "it depends". Oh she's walking over, I better place the money over her side so that she'll take it.

Me: Sorry to have troubled you.
En: It's okay.

Did she see the money?

Me: Here's the money for my food.

She looked at me. I looked at her. I looked at the money. I looked at her again.

Me: Why?

Then suddenly she laughed.

En: Did I look fierce? looked kinda scared.


Me: Seriously, I feel bad if you don't take the money.
En: It's okay.

When a girl rejects you for the first time, stop insisting.

Me: Well, thanks.
En: You are welcome.

Before I ate, I prayed (in case you don't know, I am a Christian). When I finished, En said something.

En: You are a Christian?
Me: Yes. Why?
En: Same.

With that, she said a prayer and began to eat her food. She ordered the same mini wok noodle as me.

Me: So what was it that you want to say?
En: Well...I was happy that you called.
Me: Okay...
En: Then I told you to wait remember?
Me: Yes...
En: It's because I had to inform my mother that you called me.
Me: !!!

At that point of time, I almost choked on my food.

Me: What do you mean?
En: You see, my mum knows about you.
Me: As in...
En: She knows that I like you.
Me: Then why did the phone suddenly hang?
En: The phone wanted to play hangman.
Me: -_-

I guess I have found someone who really can talk at my wavelength.

En: Relax...I was joking.
Me: I know. Sometimes I do that too. Like in the middle of a serious conversation, say something stupid and see those faces...haha.
En: Really? Wow...I didn't know you were like that.
Me: Haha...I guess you'll find out. Anyway, please continue...
En: Oh yah, my mum hung the phone.
Me: But why would she do that?
En: You was a...
Me: Uh huh?
En: Test.

You know, I just had 3 CAs and recess was coming. Having an unofficial test such as this was really the last thing in my mind.

Me: Test? Was it for "Motherhood1001: Preliminary Checks Before Going Out With Daughter"? Is it some new module I have to take?
En: Haha...I see what you mean.
Me: Well, I told you didn't I, I can talk crap sometimes.
En: Okay...okay...yah it was a test. I guess she just wanted to talk to you.
Me: I see...
En: She said that you are a polite guy and sensitive too...

I almost puke.

En: Most importantly, she said that you asked for her permission to talk to me.
Me: !!
En: My mum thinks that it's nice for a boy to ask the mother before talking to the daughter. It's like showing respect to the mother.
Me: Wow...I guess it must be some Hollywood roller-coaster ride.
En: can say that. I am sorry to put you through that. I mum...
Me: I understand. If I have a sister, I may do the same. I may even go out with my sister on her first date!
En: Haha...and what would you do?
Me: Make sure that my sister don't get bullied.
En: Your sister must be very lucky.
Me: I don't have a sister.
En: -_-
Me: know you look cu...

Then I realised I was about to say "cute". It's too fast, better say something else.

En: What's cu?
Me: Cu...

I was racking my brains for another word that may rhyme with that new "cu" word I just created. How I wished I had with me.

En: Are you trying to say that I am...

Oh no! She's almost getting it.

Me: Wait...
En: Why?
Me: Do you hear that?
En: What?
Me: Listen...
En: I don't hear anything. What did you hear?
Me: Oh...nothing. It was just someone cute who talked.
En: Oh I see.

Did she get it? Was my delivery too abstract like the derivative of some complex function? Haiz...engineers lah...what to do. Honestly, she's cute.

En: By the way, do you think I look different.

OBVIOUSLY! But it may be a trick question. It's so tricky that it's almost rhetoric.

Me: Yes, you do look different.
En: Different in what way?

Is she trying to fish for something?

Me: In a good way.
En: Well, I've never dressed like this before. I wore my specs all the time since small. But my mum told me to take my specs off for this dat...

Then she kept quiet. Haha...I guess it's her turn. I returned the favor.

Me: What's dat?
En: Er...

I had a feeling she meant "date".

Me: So what's "dat"? Is it like some new word we are suppose to learn for our MSE course?

She's blushing. I felt bad. I decided to end this little trick.

Me: Are you trying to say...
En: I have something to say.

Wow...her trick is different from mine. I let it go.

Me: So what is it?
En: You look nice too you know.

That caught me off-guard. I began to stammer.

Me: Oh...ok...

You know that you look weird when you stammer with noodles in your mouth.

En: I think you better eat your food before talking...haha.
Me: Okay...

I was complimented! I guess my T-shirt and jeans wasn't so "boring" after all. Or maybe it's boring but the person wearing it wasn't for En.

We ate and finished our food. Then we thought of where to go.

En: Food is done. So where are we off to next?

Do I look like a tour guide?

Me: How about we just walk around?
En: Well...okay.

So our "tour" of West Mall began. She stood up from her seat while I stood up from mine. Then suddenly, she lost her balance and tripped! By instinct I grabbed her hand.

En: see I...

Then she stopped and looked at my hand. What was I doing!'s so drama-ish. I let go.

Me: Sorry.
En: ...

We both walked out of Koufu silently. It was waaay awkward man.

En: That was why I was hesitant to take off my specs for this outing.
Me: that's why.
En: Yes...but my mum said I looked better without my specs, hence I decided to take it off.

Aw...that's sweet. She did it for me. I was touched (even though no one touched me).

Me: Well, don't worry...fortunately I was there.

I tried to act like a hero and she smiled.

So we walked about looking at shops and items. Then she said she wanted to go to the toilet for awhile. So I waited outside. While waiting, I thought of an idea. I ran to a gift shop and bought something. Since she didn't want the money for my noodles, I'll buy her a gift. I bought the item and placed it in my bag.

She walked out of the toilet.

En: Thanks for waiting.
Me: It's okay.

So we talked about phonons, bosons, muons and the likes until around 9.00pm.

Me: It's getting late and I feel that you should go back home. Your mum maybe worried.
En: Okay.
Me: Where do you stay?
En: I stay near Boon Lay MRT.
Me: Wow...that's near.

So the both of us walked to the MRT. We were near the gantry gate where you tap your EZ-Link. Should I give her the gift now? Else if she passes the gate it'll be too late.

En: I guess it's here that we say goodbye.
Me: Goodbye? Since when was a "bye" good?
En: Haha...true. But nevertheless I need to go home already like you said.

Aw...she's blaming me.

Me: Well okay...enjoy your recess.

We waved hands and parted. She tapped her card and took the escalator up to where the MRT track was.

When the time was right and when she didn't see me, I quickly tap my card and ran up the staircase. Engineers can run too in case you don't know. As I ran, I could hear the "Doors Closing" message. Oh man, I better run faster. Then like never before, I jumped into one of the carriages and the door closed behind me. Phew. The people around looked at me. I smiled and waved at them. No, I didn't wave. I just smiled.

I looked around and there she was. I purposely took the carriage far from her so that she won't know I was in the MRT. She was leaning against the glass panel near the door while staring out of the window. Luckily her back was facing me so she didn't know I was there. I walked slowly over to her. There was an empty seat just behind the glass panel she was leaning against so I took the seat.

My SMS: So where are you now?

I looked at her. She took out her handphone and replied.

En's SMS: On the way to Jurong East. How about you?

This was the climax of it all...

My SMS: Behind you...

I looked at her as she took her phone and read the SMS. Her face changed totally and looked behind. I stood up and smiled...

En: Why you...
Me: Shhh...this MRT doesn't belong to you you know.

I don't know why but it felt peaceful and quiet.

Me: I remembered that you didn't wear your specs because of this date.

She laughed. I guess I lost the game. I said the word.

En: That's very thoughtful of you.
Me: Of course! Your mum said so!

We laughed.

We reached Boon Lay and alighted. We walked to her flat which wasn't far from the MRT. Surprisingly, her flat was quiet unlike the bustling and busy Jurong Point.

I have to give her the gift now.

Me: So this is your flat is it?
En: Yes.
Me: I guess this is the second goodbye huh?
En: Since when was...
Me: a "bye" good. You learn fast.

She didn't laugh or smile this time. I guess I know why.

Me: Don't be sad. Cheer up.

She looked at me. I felt sad for her looking at those sad eyes. Sheesh, it's just going back home. It's not like the end of the world or something. I guess girls can be emotional at times.

Me: Oh yah, I have something for you.
En: What is it?
Me: I don't know whether you'll like it it is.

I took out a box with the gift inside. She took it and opened the box.

Me: So what do you see?
En: ...

She smiled. It was a good sign.

En: Thanks.
Me: You are welcome.

I looked at the time and it was around 9.30pm.

Me: It's getting late. Your mum is waiting.
En: I know.
Me: I think even without your specs it should be fine from here.
En: Yes...

She walked towards the lift and I walked towards the bus interchange. I walked for a few steps and thought of the things that happened.

En: Wait...

Huh? She ran over to where I was.

Me: What happened?
En: I just wanted to say...

She was breathing heavily...I don't blame her. The distance was quite far from the lift to where I was.

Me: Take your hurry.
En: .......

After a few seconds, the heavy breathing stopped.

En: I just wanted to say...
Me: ...
En: Thanks for accompanying me.

Fair enough.

Me: You are welcome.

With that En walked towards the lift while I walked towards the bus interchange. Like I said, En's a polite and nice person.

En: Stephen! Wait...

(To be continued...)

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