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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Singapore Love Story

It was raining heavily. They were waiting for the bus. He seemed interested in her. She seemed interested in him. However it was not made known to the other party yet as feelings from the heart have not been made known.

They talked and laughed for quite sometime. They seemed to enjoy each other's company. Suddenly his phone rang. He answered it.

After he was done with the call, his face seemed worried. She became worried.

She: Is anything wrong?

He: I need to go back home for something urgent.

She: Erm...okay. Do you have an umbrella?

He: No.

She: But it's raining heavily.

He: I know, but I need to get home now. My block's just around the corner, so it should be okay.

She: Well okay. Take care.

He: Okay. See you :)

She: :)

He walked under the rain towards his house. She hoped that he won't fall sick. After a few steps in the rain, he remembered he had something to say to her. Something that had been bugging him for quite sometime. He walked towards the bus stop. She saw him walking towards her and stood up.

He: Er...actually I have something to tell you.

Her heart skipped a beat. Could it be that he's going to tell her how he felt? She looked up into his eyes trying to get ready for what he's about to say. She liked his eyes. He lifted his head and looked at her.

He: You still owe me $10.

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Blogger Lynn Nay Ko said...

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