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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Schools started, work also. The morning rush hour is back. Buses are packed with kids in uniforms with a few unhappy commuters. I guess it's the New Year and things have started to roll.

I went to NUS yesterday. The morning bus was packed. There was this senior man who was stuck in the front portion of 198. I was cramped in the portion after the exit doors. All was quiet when he suddenly yelled at the schoolgirl in front of him.

Old man: Quick lah! Stand there, stand there, block people.

He edged past her and found himself near to the door. I thought he wanted to get out, but apparently, he just stood there. What's up with him? Did I miss anything while I was away? Maybe he's preparing himself for "The Arena" (some debate/arguement show in TV)? I don't know. All I know was that the poor schoolgirl became embarrassed early in the morning. Talking about a bad start.

I reached my stop and walked towards NUS. I can't help but feel like a freshman. I know, I am in the wrong U, but maybe it's because I just came back to Singapore and all. I went there for a project and I guess I will pretty much be occupied with this project until NTU. I took a shuttle bus and reached my destination.

There, I waited for my project team. While waiting, students (or at least I think they are students) began walking in one-by-one and waited for who-knows-who. I was seated on one of the chairs. (It's arranged where four chairs faced the center. In the center is a table. Kinda like meeting-place arrangement.) Soon another guy sat right in front of me. After a while, two girls sat beside me. So the two girls faced each other and the guy faced me. I was reading my materials when I heard them talking. I didn't mean to eavesdrop but hey, they were talking quite loudly. It was then that I found out they were from NTU! exciting to meet fellow NTUians. And guess what, they are from the same school as me - MSE! Lol...Apparently, they were third year students doing their industrial attachment. There were some others from NUS, I guess they too are doing their industrial attachments.

All of us went to this meeting room for some introduction. Before the one in-charge came, the students started to talk and mingle. My seniors and me were seated in a line. Then there was this girl who just walked into the room and sat at the end of the line. The one beside this new girl was my MSE senior who's a girl also. Then this interesting conversation started. Hey! It's not eavesdropping, it's being attentive...

MSE Girl: Hi.
New Girl: Hi.
MSE: Where are you from?
New: I am from NUS. You?
MSE: Oh I see. I am from NTU. Which faculty are you in?
NUS: Oh I am in Bioengineering.

At this point, I thought that she must be some smart person. Why? During the university application in my batch, very few people got into Bioengineering.

MSE: I see. You don't look local, are you like from China?
NUS: Erm, no. I am local.

It was then that there was this awful silence or pause in the air. I couldn't take it anymore and I snorted. I couldn't help it, I was trying to suppress my laughter, but I guess it came out of my nose. (By the way, only air came out, nothing else in case you are wondering.) After I "laughed" through my nose, everyone started to laugh. It was funny man!

The NUS Bioengineering girl does look kind of un-local. So I guess my senior wasn't wrong to ask her that.

Anyway, the project ain't easy and I will need to go there later in the day. So I guess I better prepare myself.

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