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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Irony Behind This Technical Conversation

He recognised her from far and decided to start a conversation. She was in the university's Study Corner reading up some books.

He: Hi.
She: Hi. Do I know you?
He: Haha...remember we were in the same CCA in JC?
She: Oh yah yah. So how are you?
He: Well I am now studying Science and this semester I have this module called "Introduction to Technical Language and Writing".
She: Really? I am taking that as an elective in this term. I thought that it will be good to know some technical jargons especially when I plan to be a financial consultant in some research institute.
He: That's nice.

It was at this point of time that the conversation started to go technical.

She: So what do you know about technical language?
He: about photosynthesis?
She: That's easy. It's just some plant absorbing CO2 to give O2 and at the same time make food for themselves.
He: True...that's the overall aim of it. How about Quantum Physics?
She: Ah hah! Now that's interesting.

And so it begins.

He: Did you know that electrons exhibit both wave and particle like features?
She: I see...I read somewhere that as m approaches x where x is some constant, d approaches another theoretical constant also known as r.
He: Not really, it should be k.
She: Oh ok.
He: Also, the wave function is notable when the frequency of harmonic oscillations approaches the natural resonance frequency of the electron carrier. So more if the environment displays an anisotropic behaviour.
She: Anisotropic in terms of?
He: Anisotropic as when lambda theta is reduced to near-zero.
She: Now that's interesting.
He: Yes.
She: I maybe new in this but I feel that if lambda theta is incorporated into the sin-cos formulae of Beuller, then maybe the anti-matter of the electron maybe realised.
He: Now that's something new!

Then her stomach rumbled. After all, it was lunch time.

She: Oh shucks, I am hungry. Want to go and eat?
He: Oh okay.
She: By the way, I have to be honest with you. I know nuts of what I said just now. Haha. So please don't share them with anyone.
He: Really? Same here. I was just blabbering stuff.
She: Wow! You sounded so natural.
He: The same goes for you.
She: I guess this course on technical language maybe interesting after all.
He: Haha...
She: And I thought you know what you were talking about.
He: Not really. I just agree with you and blabber some other irrelevant stuff. I am surprised that you agreed with me.

Just then, a senior professor from the university approached them.

Prof: I couldn't help but overhear your "interesting" conversation.
He and She: Really?
Prof: It was totally off the charts.
He: Haha...I know.
Prof: It totally exceeded my expectations! I didn't realised that you could actually incorporate lambda theta in the sin-cos formalae. Nice job She.
She: Huh?
He: You must be joking. It cannot be that the nonsense she sprouted was some new discovery.
Prof: Yes I am joking. You two better go to your classes now instead of behaving like a scientific fool.
He: That's an oxymoron isn't it? Scientific fool.
She: I think we better stop all these. Let's go.

And so, the two went to the canteen.

He: Jia lat paiseh. Hopefully he won't be the one teaching in the course on technical language.
She: Yes. If not maybe he will even ask us to demonstrate our "knowledge" and "skill" in front of everyone.
He: Hopefully not.

Sadly, they were wrong. The senior professor was the one lecturing in that class and also, He and She were asked to provide a negative demonstration.

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