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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who Is He?

It was a normal Thursday morning. I went out heading towards the bus stop.

As I walked towards the lift, there was this girl (my neighbor) from Jurongville who walked behind me. We waited for the lift. When it came, we took it. Once the lift reached the first floor, I think she said "Thank you". I guess she thought that I pressed the "Door Open" button for her. I did it the other time and she said "Thank you". She rushed out of the lift and walked away. Do I smell? Is my face that scary? I don't know. I looked at my watch and surprisingly she was early. Normally she doesn't leave her house at that time. How do I know? Nope, I don't stalk her. I happen to meet her like twice before and it's always around the same time, but today she was early.

Anyway, I walked to the bus stop. At the bus stop, there was this man who crossed the road over to where I was. I didn't really noticed him as I was waiting for my bus. Suddenly he shouted:

"What time is it now? You all better wake up!"

Huh? Who was he talking to? All of us? What is this? Your friendly neighborhood Alarm Man? It wasn't only me. The people around were shocked too.

"You there!"

Huh? What? Is he pointing at me? No. He was pointing at this Jurongville boy who seemed to be waiting for someone at the bus stop. The man continued by saying:

"Don't be stupid! You better go now!"

"You all better be in front of me. If not then you will know. Look at the time! It's late."

With that, groups of Jurongville students immediately quicken their pace towards school.

I checked my watch. Yes, it's late - only if you are going to school. It was then that I realized that he's either the school's discipline master or someone who is too free. The former seems logical. Nevertheless, for a school discipline master, he was quite pro-active.

Well, at least now I know that my neighbor rushed not because I am fierce or stink, but because of some man who's not afraid to yell at students in public bus stops.

I must say, that this morning was quite an experience.

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