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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Every Girl Is Beautiful

I have said this before and I will say it again. Every girl is beautiful. It is sad that they don't feel so. Media? Friends? Family? There are many reasons why they feel so. However, I feel that the most important thing is what they say about themselves. It's not really so much of the outside, but rather, the inside.

Here's a short clip. I'm sure you have seen it before in TV. Are the girls inside beautiful? You decide.

Below is a short film on a few girls and their perceptions on themselves. It's interesting what they have to say regarding themselves.

I wonder if there'll be another version for guys. Lol...I can't imagine how it will be like. Imagine this:

Sad Guy: I am not handsome because of my pimples.
Depressed Guy: I have flabby arms and no girls would look at me.

Okay, I think I better stop. It's getting scary.

One thing to take note. Have you ever wondered why there's no "guy" version? Because guys are confident of their looks? Not really, there are those who aren't. I feel the reason is because Dove is a company with products aimed at the female demographic. So somehow, the idea of "beauty" will be connected to their products even though it isn't explicitly said. Looking at how average girls turn into confident people somehow makes the viewers want to be like them in a subtle way. The last few frames that show the Dove logo says it all. See the connection? I would say that this advertising tactic is ingenious. A noble cause with an advertising flick behind.

How about other companies/organizations/groups? Why don't they come up with a "guy" version? I don't know. The idea seems kinda...weird.

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