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Monday, January 29, 2007

Overpaid Transaction

Today I queued at the drinks stall in the Business canteen in NUS. There was this very interesting "transaction" between a female student and the stall auntie.

Auntie: That will cost you $0.60.

Student: Erm okay.

*Student brings out a $50 dollar note*

Auntie: Wah piang. Such a big note.

Student: :)

Auntie: Got smaller change or not?

Student: Er...don't have.

Auntie: I need to check first. Wait hor.

Student: Thank you.

It was so funny that decided to note it down to blog about it. You should have seen the auntie's shocked face and the student's paiseh face. Some people queuing behind also laughed. Sadly, I forgot the outcome. I think one of her friends may have helped her sponsor that $0.60.

Actually, at times I am guilty of such things too...haha. However, I do it to get small change (san qian), because at times you don't really need such big notes.

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