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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Familiar Face

I was on my way to NUS today when I saw someone very familiar. I was sitting down in the bus. It wasn't really crowded. There was this person who tapped her card and went in the bus. She saw me, I saw her. I was thinking whether it was really her. She looked at me for quite awhile. In my mind, I was like "Hey, isn't that...", then suddenly, the eye contact was gone. She sat down in front. I tried to look, but she started to sleep. Talk about being

Anyway, she's from my JC, a friend of a friend. I don't really know her other then her being in the Chinese Orchestra (or is it CIA?). I think I remember her name. It sounds something like, Slawinski. Interesting huh? Sadly, that isn't her name, it's just some rubbish I thought of. Anyway, I think her name's Joy. Something like that (this time it's more Slawinski).

I guess it was no surprise that she dao-ed me. I mean, I was quite a dao guy in It's not because I have a serious attitude problem or I sniff shampoo, but I am just bad at breaking ice. So, instead of approaching people and smiling, I just do my own stuff. I am close to my friends and those I know, but if you are new, I guess I won't really be the one who would break the ice. But that was then. Now, at least I make an effort to break the ice, sadly there are only cracks.

Coming back to the story. She sat throughout the journey. I guessed she was going to NUS. After all, with the books and stuff, where else could you go? Sentosa? There was once (I am not sure) I thought I saw her glancing at me. Maybe she's just trying to make sure if I am that JC guy who's very

NUS came and we both alighted. She alighted first (ladies first) and I alighted behind. Should I say hello? It's not like I like her or anything like that, but I guess it's always nice to greet people. After much thinking, I decided that maybe I should just keep quiet. Just then, one girl walked in front of me and talked to her. I guess that must be her friend.

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