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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Value Of Honesty In A Relationship (Part 3)

I got some feedback that some readers do not know which part of the story relates to a flashback and which one relates to the current story. If you face the same problem, please tell me and maybe I will put some notice before writing on a flashback experienced by Alex. Maybe something like "This is a flashback" or something like that, but I feel that the addition of these unnecessary sentences disrupts the flow of the story. Well, anyway, back to the story.

(For part one, click here. For part two, click here.)


The door bell rang. Alex tidied himself up and cleared his throat. He popped some mints into his mouth, as he remembered one advice from Alicia...

Alicia: You know, when you work after university, it's always good to have fresh breath, especially when you talk to important people.

Alex: Are you saying that I have bad breath?

Alicia: No. It's just an advice. Relax. I don't think you have bad breath.

Alex: Haha...relax...I am just joking too.

Alicia: Why you...

Those were the days when they were happy. Now, all that was in his mind was the relationship. Suddenly the door opened. Alex saw a familiar face.

Alex: Hey, how are you?

Ace: I am fine. Thank you.

Alex: Are your parents around?

Ace: They are inside. I think they are expecting you.

Alex: Oh really? she there?

Ace: She? You mean Alicia? I don't think so. She said that she wanted to go out with her friends just now.

Alex: I see...

Ace: By the way, why do you call her "she"? Let me guess. Something happened right?

Alex: Nah. It's an adult's problem. You not going out?

Ace: I am. I am meeting my girlfriend later on.

Alex: That's nice. Enjoy kid.

Ace: You never stop calling me "kid" do you?

Alex: At least it's better than "ah-boy" don't you agree? Haha.

Ace: You sure are...

Auntie: Ah-boy! Don't keep your dad and me waiting.

Alex: I guess they are expecting me. I better go in now.

Ace: Hey, all the best man.

Alex: Thanks.

Alex walked into the common area. He saw Uncle sitting with the day's papers. Auntie was having a cup of chinese tea while reading a magazine.

Auntie: Ah...Alex, you are finally here. Come...come...take a seat.

Uncle: Finally, you are here.

Alex: I hope I haven't kept the both of your waiting for long.

Auntie: No need to be so formal. After all, you and Alicia have been together for quite some time now.

Uncle: Yah, drop all those formalities and take a seat.

Alex: Thank you.

Uncle: So, what is it that you want to tell me?

Auntie: Am I invisible?

Uncle: Fine. So do you have anything to tell US?

Auntie: That's more like it.

Alex: How do I start...

Auntie: You can start by saying something.

Uncle: -_-

Alex: It has been around 2 years with Alicia and I must say that she's a great person. She's nice, courteous...everything that a man can dream for.

Auntie: That's nice. Thank you.

Alex: Welcome Auntie. The purpose I came here today to meet with the both of you is to say something.

Auntie: Oh...I am so excited. Finally a grandchild.

Alex: Huh?

Uncle: Ignore her. So what is it that you wanted to tell us?

Alex: Well...before Alicia and I got into this in before I got to know her...erm...

Auntie: Take your time Alex, it's still early.

Alex: Before we became a couple, I knew she was interested in me.

Auntie: Oh yah. Remember that time how she would come home and talk about this guy?

Uncle: Oh sure. How can I ever forget that. Sorry, Alex please continue.

Alex: I wasn't very interested in developing that relationship then.

Uncle: Haha...yah I know. She would come home saying how she dropped hints and couldn't believe that a guy could be so insensitive.

Auntie: Well, at least now we know it's not because you are insensitive or whatsoever. Anyway, please continue.

Alex: Your daughter is great and all, but somehow I feel...that she's of a higher standard than me.

Auntie: What do you mean?

Alex: Can I ask the both of you a question?

Auntie: Sure. What is it?

Alex: Am I her first boyfriend?

Uncle: Well, yes. You are the first. That's why Alicia got so high and up when she met you. I guess, she's keeping herself for someone who deserves her, and I think that she sees that you are that man.

Auntie: Don't misunderstand. It's not because nobody wants her that's why she's single. In fact, it was a tough time keeping those boys away while she was still at school. Uncle used to pick up all the incoming calls and if it was a boy asking for her, he would say she was not in. Haha...Uncle here is a bit old-fashioned.

Uncle: Women sometimes talk too much don't they...haha.

Alex: I am...touched. She told me all this before, but hearing this from you's really heart-warming.

Uncle: Aw...come on, we think that you are a decent guy and all hence we allowed Alicia to go out with you.

Alex: I guess after knowing that, I can't really harbor any doubts and questions regarding her sincerity in our relationship.

Auntie: Is anything the problem? Alicia did seem a bit troubled these few days.

Alex: It was because I told the truth.

Uncle: The truth? The truth about what?

Auntie: Oh no...don't tell me...

Alex: I told her my past.

Uncle: Past?

Auntie: Past? What's wrong?

Alex: Alicia's not my first girlfriend.

Uncle and Auntie: ...

Alex: That's why I felt guilty and wasn't interested in developing this relationship from the past. But yet, as time pass, I began to realize that Alicia, your daughter, is the girl of my dreams. I mean...she's close to perfect...nice...polite...everything a guy could ever want. And yet, despite knowing this, I found it hard to go into the relationship because of my past.

Uncle and Auntie: ...

Alex: Don't misunderstand me, it's not that I don't love her or anything. In fact, I really love her. At times, when I am alone, I would just imagine how life would be like with her by my side. Yes, I am serious. Sadly, that can only happen if she and you are willing to accept me for who I am.

Alex: I could have just kept quiet and go on with life as if nothing happened. But I don't want to keep any secrets from the woman I love most. I want her to accept me for who I am.

Uncle: Now hold on a second. When you said that our Alicia is not your first girlfriend, do you mean it in that sense?

Alex: ...yes...

Auntie: What are you guys talking about?

Uncle: Never mind. Now I get it. This can be very complicated. No wonder Alicia's not herself recently. To realize that her first true love is......yes, it sure is hard.

Auntie: Hey, I don't understand. Can someone please explain it to me.

Uncle: I think I understand. Alex, do you have anything to say?

Alex: I really love your daughter Uncle...Auntie. I really really hope that she and her parents can accept me. Throughout the day, I have been wondering if I did the correct thing. Whether telling her about my past was really necessary and important. I guess, now that I have reached this point, I believe I have done the correct thing by telling her and you the truth. In the event that Alicia decides to drop the relationship, I don't blame her. I mean she's a nice girl and I believe there are many who would want to be with her. However, I really do hope that she will accept me.

Auntie: This sounds sounds like a...

Uncle: Hm...okay. I guess you must be exhausted.

Alex: I guess I will take my leave. Thank you for your time Uncle...Auntie.

Unknown to the group outside, Alicia was inside her room and heard everything that her parents, and most importantly, Alex said. She couldn't help but cry. Memories of the past came into her mind like a torrential flood. Happy times, sad times, and even romantic surprises. Those were the times. She was on one hand, glad that Alex came as promised, as expected from a trustworthy man. Yet, on the other hand, the emotional distress that arose from this was simply too much for her.

Alicia: *sobbing*

The door opens and a familiar figure enters.

Alicia: !

Ace: What the...

Alicia: *whispers amidst the sobs* please...keep quiet...

Ace: *whispering* I thought you went out with your friends?

Alicia: My friends couldn't make it.

Ace: And why are you crying?

Alicia: I am fine. It's just a technique I discovered that helps people to de-stress. You should try it one day too.

Ace: Erm...I just hope that whatever that is stressing you didn't fry your head.

Alicia: Not funny...

Ace: You remind me of Alex. The way you said that. He used to tell me "not funny" in that manner whenever I try to be funny.

Alicia: Really...

Ace: Anyway, I won't disturb you with your new de-stressing method. Enjoy sis.

Alicia: Thanks. And remember that you didn't see me.

Ace: Sure. I didn't see my sis. I only saw someone with a new de-stressing method.

Alicia: Not...

Ace: Funny...I know.

The door closes and Alicia prayed hard that Ace would not tell anybody that she was in her room.

Alicia: I remind him of Alex huh...I guess...after all the time spent together, we sure are getting more and more like the other...

Ace walks out trying to stay cool to avoid any attention. Alex had already left the house.

Uncle: You know something?

Auntie: What is it?

Uncle: I didn't know that it was this serious...


At this point of time, I wonder if I should just summarize everything and give the final conclusion or be fair to the story and continue on. The latter may take a lot of time. I guess I will see how things go. Again, feel free to drop any feedback/opinions/views/questions that you may have.

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Anonymous jerine said...

honestly, i wish to read something else rather than this relationship topic that has been going on so long. but after all its your blog. im just commenting

3:45 AM, December 11, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks for the comment Jerine.

Haha...relax...the story will soon end.

9:26 PM, December 11, 2006  

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