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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rude Taxi Drivers

My family and I were on our way to Church this morning. We waited and finally a taxi came. The driver was not very friendly-looking and cold.

Anyway, I thought he maybe having a hard day. I mean, in Singapore, things can get pretty stressful, which pretty explains the low birth-rates and boys getting high on pepper.

Then we reached this junction. Previous taxi drivers have always continued straight, but this driver was exceedingly smart (I am being sarcastic here). He turned right! It was then that one of us asked him why didn't he go straight. His reply?

Mr Rude Taxi Driver: In front got jam, so I turn here.

How did he know that there's a jam there? Well, he could be Professor Xavier a.k.a. Professor X. His telekinetic powers may have informed him of the jam up ahead. With powers like this he should be working for some top secret organization, instead of a taxi driver predicting road jams. When your taxi driver is a powerful mutant who teaches people with adamantium claws and moves around in a floating wheelchair, you better not mess with him.

For your information, we have been going through the same route with previous taxi drivers and nope, there wasn't any jam in that stretch of road. His tone was pretty offensive and rude, but hey, he maybe getting high on pepper too, so I guess it's understandable.

Due to his smart maneuver, we had to stop at the Bras Basah Kopitiam. So one of us told the uncle that we would like to stop at the Kopitiam. His response?

Mr Rude Taxi Driver: (stares into blank space - no reply)

Okay it wasn't a real response, in fact there wasn't any response from Prof X here. Why must he be so cold? Even Iceman has a fun personality. Maybe the X-Men is in trouble or the Blackbird crashed or Magneto won a game of Counter Strike last night. I don't know.

Time passed and soon we were reaching the Kopitiam. It was in front of us. One of us told him that he could stop right in front. You know what he did? He continued on! He passed by our destination! What would you do if you were in his taxi? Seriously, he was being rude and all. Then one of us asked him why didn't he stop there. His reply?


If the Hulk was there, Orchard Road would be gone. He raised his voice. To me it was shouting, but to the others they said that he just raised his voice and didn't shout. Whatever it was, it was definitely offensive. His reason was that he didn't stop us there so that he could drop us somewhere where we can walk to our destination. I am like "huh?" (No, that doesn't describe it really well. Let me try again.) Previous taxi drivers were able to stop there, except for him. I was like "HUH??? What's up with this guy?". You board a taxi to stop a distance from your destination? The pepper must be going to his head.

We paid the fare and walked off.

After our everything was over, we took a taxi back home. Guess what, the taxi available then was from the same company as the one in the morning. This one was not rude, nor was he friendly. He was cold and quiet. Sheesh, I am not sure what's up with this taxi company.

The taxi driver may have meant well, but his social skills definitely needed some polishing, which shouldn't be a problem for Prof X the taxi driver. Okay, my bad, I shall stop calling him Prof X. Anyway, it's in the past now, so let us all move on with other more interesting things in life like reading my blog.

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Anonymous teddY said...

I've met many rude drivers too! Some will just shout at you when you recommend what route to take, and they say you don't trust them. What a fiery temper. And some even dump their passengers on the highway (I don't know whether did you read this in the papers... I think it happened somewhere in mid-2006).

There was once I boarded a taxi and I do not know where SCGS is so I passed him a map. And he threw that bloody map back at me and shouted to me that he doesn't know how to go there. And he CHASED me out of his cab saying that I am obstructing his business. What the hell. I can't remember the taxi plate number (if I did I would have kicked up a super big fuss) but I know it belongs to... forget it.

Some drivers even blatantly stop in front of taxi stands in Little India and specifically ask for ANG MOHs. They ignore the request of locals queuing up and instead ask the foreigner somewhere behind the queue where he wants to go, and shouted out "pay me S$50 to go to your hotel" in front of the whole taxi queue. WTH.

The service industry obviously needs some scolding. And about service... sometimes shopkeepers just ignore teenagers entering their shops (like me) who are obviously interested in buying their stuff. They sometimes even asked me to leave.

What's wrong with these people?

3:47 PM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Dumping a passenger on the highway! Wow, that's like so rude! I guess the poor passenger would need to do an Amazing Race walk back to the nearest housing estate.

Well, let bygones be bygones. Like I said, people are stressed by a lot of things. Just take a ride in the MRT and look at the faces around. They all seemed to be busy and stressed. It's quite sad.

9:20 PM, November 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too! I have met a rude taxi
driver. He was so rude to my grandma!My mother said 'Can you go to Haig Road?" After 5 minutes, the 10000000 % rude taxi driver asked 'Where, WHERE?' My grandma did not know english at all. In the end,
my mother was so angry, we went out of the RUDE TIMES A HUNDRED Cab.
And I said to my sister "HE IS RUDE TIMES A JILLION MILLION!"

1:46 PM, November 07, 2011  

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