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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She Likes Me? (Part 3)

It’s recess week. Initially, when I heard of recess week, I thought that it was a week where you could just come to school and eat. Serious! After all, the only “recess” I heard of was in secondary school where “recess” meant the canteen and food.

Anyway, it’s recess week. Monday I had a group meeting on my Effective Communication Assignment 2. The meeting was quite productive. Today I did my Formal Lab Report, Reflective Writing 2 and prepared for another project on Management With Humour. Phew…it’s recess all right.

Let’s get back to the story. So where did I stop? Oh yah, here’s a little re-cap.

(Note: This is the third part of a story. For those who have not read part 1, you may click here. If you want part 2, it’s here.)

Did she just blushed? I don't know. And so she walked off as I sat on the table
with the paper and key chain. I unfolded the paper and lo and behold it was a
message. It was a hand phone number. I presume it's hers.

I turned over
the piece of paper and saw a one line message that really spoke a lot. Those
words somehow fit into that small piece of paper. That one line was:

Aku suka padamu.
(I like you.)

I lift up my head and saw
the girl who wrote this walk away. What should I do? Should I run to her?

So that was it. I held the note and keychain with my hand. As much as I would like to think and try to understand why she would send me a keychain of all things, I need to remember that En was walking further and further away. It’s like a dx/dt which gives you the rate at which En is walking away.

What should I do? Sheesh. This is so tough. Was she expecting me to like walk to her after reading the note? Or maybe she understands that I am an engineer and would try to understand why the keychain instead of a scientific calculator? Haiyo…

Me: Hey!

En continued walking. Either my “Hey!” wasn’t loud enough or she’s just too embarrassed to turn back and face me.

Me: HEY En!

Same thing. I better do something. I kept the keychain and folded the piece of paper back and placed both items into the small box. I kept the box into my bag. Then I lifted my head up and she was gone. Where could she go? The only way I could contact her then was through the number. Should I call her? It’s already late. It’s like 10.30pm. I decided maybe not today. So I went to the bus stop and waited for 179. I waited for the bus, the bus came and I took it. Simple, unlike what happened a few minutes ago.

The bus wasn’t crowded as it was already late. In the bus I began to think of the possible reasons why on earth would she give a keychain? To make things worse, it’s a keychain without any keys! Okay…maybe that wasn’t strange at all, but still why a keychain? This problem is to difficult to solve, so I shifted my attention towards the piece of paper (it’s the same thing in an exam where you shift to the next question if you are stuck with one).

I unfolded the piece of paper and looked at the message again. It was written with her normal handwriting. How do I know it’s her handwriting? Easy! When I studied with her, I saw her notes and hence her handwriting. The ink she used wasn’t like those fanciful types that glow-in-the-dark or James Bond ink that explodes after the recipient reads it. It was a simple and plain blue ink. The message in the paper that I can understand. It’s easy. No need to think too hard. It’s just like what she wrote. But it’s the keychain part that I don’t understand.

I folded the paper and took out the keychain. I looked at it and stared at it. You maybe thinking, “Hey, relax man. It’s just a gift. No need to think so hard. Keychain then keychain lah.” I know that too! Yet somehow, I feel that there’s something to it. I gave up. The bus reached Boon Lay and I switched to another bus to get back home.

I reached home and held a conference with my Dad and Mum. We sat around a table and I placed the two items there and asked for their opinion.

Do you think I really did that? Nope, the above paragraph didn’t happen.

I reached home and kept the gift. As I lay down to sleep I kept thinking over what had happened. Now the question is, do I like her? Anyone wants to use a lifeline? There’s no 50:50 as it’s just a “yes or no” situation. You can call me for help or you can poll the audience which happens to consist of only me.

Seriously, do I like her? It’s too early to say. Why? I only know that she’s from my course. I don’t really know her personality, likes, dislikes…etc. So far, she’s quite okay. She’s a nice person. It’s quite a delicate situation now because she likes me and she told me that. It’s one thing to like one person in secret and another thing to like that person and tell him/her.

Anyway, I had to study for my 3 CAs. So through the weekend, I just concentrated on my CAs.

Monday reached and I did my CAs. It so happened that all my 3 CAs were on the same day as En’s. After I had finished my CAs, I thought maybe I should contact her. After all, I have her number. But it’s so awkward if I call her. What am I going to say?

Me: Eh, why you write that arh?

Cannot right? Haiz. I guess my Effective Communication module didn’t prepare me for this scenario. So in the end, I went back home.

You know it’s strange that after your exams, you feel that you are very free? Like nothing to do like that? Some of my friends have not finished their CAs as some of their CAs fall on Thursday and Friday.

So I began to think again. Hm…maybe I should just call her. I believe her exams are over also. So I plucked up enough courage took that folded piece of paper and walked towards the phone.

I unfolded it and dialed the number written on the piece of paper. Sadly, her phone was engage. Oh okay. Maybe she’s discussing CA answers with her friends. In the meantime, maybe I should just bathe, which I did.

After bathing, I went to the phone again. I dialed her number. Sheesh, it was still engaged. Maybe she’s having a loooong discussion with her friends over exam answers. Well what to do? NTU students are all very smart and engage in long and intellectual conversations that I believe lasts for a very long time. So I went to have my dinner.

Dinner was quite okay. I finished my dinner and went to the phone. I dialed her number. It was engaged. Okay, maybe Monday’s a bad day for her phone. With that I went to sleep.

Then as the week passed, I could see that during lectures, En sat at a different place from where she normally sat. I guess it must be due to the confession.

This continued all the way until Thursday night. I didn’t try to call the previous days as I had tutorials, projects and stuff to do.

And so it was on Thursday night that I thought of what to say IF her phone was not engaged. I went to the phone (somehow the phone became an important landmark now) and dialed her number. It rang! There was a ring tone! Yay! Finally.

I waited. 2 rings. Maybe she’s running to her phone now.

I waited. 5 rings. Okay, so maybe she’s running to her phone from somewhere far.

I waited. 10 rings. Did her intellectual conversation on exam answers continue?

Then the ring tone changed to “toot-toot-toot”. And just when I thought I had managed to get through things had to turn out like this. You know such games are no fun at all, unless of course you are a third party reading all of this.

Okay. Maybe I should try again later. I took a bathe and had my dinner. Then I tried again. I dialed her number. The ring tone was there. Okay, nothing to be excited about as it’s just the first step.

I waited. 3 rings. 4 rings. 5 rings. (Reminds me of Pythagoras’ Theorem).

???: Hello?

Oh man! Shucks! I wasn’t prepared! I didn’t expect a reply but there was a reply. I recognized that voice. It’s her voice.

Me: Er…
En: Hello?

Did she know that I called? Did she have ID caller? Even if she had, did she know my phone number?

Me: It’s me.

That’s the dumbest way to introduce yourself over the phone, but hey, I don’t know what to say.

En: …

Then there was silence. I kept quiet, not knowing if she heard what I said.

Me: It’s me.
En: Yes I know. I heard that.

Oh good. At least she heard it. Now what should I say?

En: Wait a while.

Oh ok, at least, now I have some time to think of what to say. Maybe I should just ask her how her CAs were. Then maybe from there let the conversation flow. I waited for her to come back.

Suddenly, the phone hung up. What happened?

Anxious, I tried to call again. The ring tone was there.

???: Halo? Siapa tuh?
(Hello? Who is that?)

What on earth happened? The voice changed completely. The voice sounds like an aunty. Could it be her mother…?

(To be continued)

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