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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cherry Boom Concert in NTU

Quite a few interesting things happened this week.


The first was my first test for my elective "Sound In Everyday Life". The lecturer was giving out the exam papers starting from the front. He did say that we were suppose to start the exam together, but some students seated at the front turned the papers and looked at the questions! I was situated at the middle, so it wasn't that bad in that I won't be the last to receive the paper. The lecturer still have not reached my row. I looked at those students in front who had the papers with them. They were looking at the questions loh! Then the lecturer noticed it and announced that no one was supposed to look at the papers. Did those students care? I don't think so, they still occasionally flipped over and looked at the questions. One of them even dared to take out her lecture notes and looked! Wow! It wasn't an open book examination and there was this lady who referred to it! Talk about daring. The paper came to my hand, I placed it blank side facing upwards and waited. The time given was 50 minutes and there were 8 questions. I figured out that I would have enough time to do and need not be a super hero and look. Just follow law. I was right. I finished the paper in 20 minutes and checked through.

What did I learn from this experience? It's always good to check through your exam paper as I spotted one mistake I made. The second thing I learnt was that there are anxious students who wants a preview of the paper before other students.


Cherry Boom. You heard of them? It's a girl band from Taiwan which will be having a concert in NTU on Friday (yesterday). Earlier on, I saw on CampusBuzz that you could register and stand a chance to win some tickets to this concert (I realized later that free tickets were distributed). Since I have never really been in one before and since I was quite bad at winning lucky draws, I registered and forgot about it. Little did I know that I actually won a pair of tickets! Wow...okay lah, I wasn't really that excited as I have never heard of Cherry Boom before. Never mind, maybe I could just collect the ticket and sell it on eBay or something. The collection date was Friday, so I just waited.


Yes, my voice is much deeper now. It's due to a sore throat. Earlier on I had fever and blocked nose. Most of my friends were sick also. Maybe our friends at SBS had some experiments that gone wrong resulting in some outbreak. It's a good thing that T-virus and Umbrella Corporations exist only in movies. Life wasn't easy. Lectures were hard to concentrate on with a spinning head, but I did learn some stuff from it. One, when you are sick, you actually lose weight. This is good news for those who are above the BMI healthy range and bad news for those below. So when you are sick, think of the light at the end of the tunnel - the weight you will lose. Okay maybe it's not such a good thing to look forward to but still better than nothing right?


Friday came, I went to collect the tickets for the Cherry Boom concert. I asked the one who handed me the ticket when the concert was and she said today. Today? I thought it would be a week later or something. The trouble was that I wanted to attend an Energetics talk on something like tapping into your brain's hidden potential in LT19A since on Monday (two days from today) I have 3 exams! So I was hoping that the talk may give useful tips on how to cram 3 subjects in the weekend or maybe sell some wonder pill which after eating the consumer will dream of the exam questions. Okay I know, it's not possible.

Anyway the dilemma was Energetics talk or Cherry Boom concert? Like what an engineer would do, I thought of the cost and benefits of going to either one. If I go for the Energetics talk (which was free), I may (not will as they may just talk about general stuff like "You must study hard before exam") not learn anything. If I go for the Cherry Boom concert, I would have at least felt what it is like to be in a concert. Also, I am interested in learning from the female drummer. It's interesting to see a female play drums as it's not a very common sight. Some more if I go for the concert, I would have gained on the free ticket which I won, a free ice-cream, and a chance to win some prizes in some lucky draw. If I go for the talk, I would just gain on some energetics hoo hah which I can find on the Internet. Good judgment? I don't know. In the end, I decided to go for the concert. Now there was a second problem. Who should I give the second ticket to?

Ah yes, why not try to call the kind lady who helped me with my ankle? I called Theresia but she said she couldn't make it due to the bad weather (it was about to rain) and she was already walking to her hall. So who else? I looked at my two friends who were with me. They are guys. The thing is, going to a concert with another guy just seems weird...especially so if it's just the two of us. Way weird man. Oh heck, I have a free ticket and should not waste it. I asked my 2 friends and they said that they were busy. Oh ok, maybe I should just go for the Energetics talk. So one of my 2 friends who registered for the talk went with me to LT19A.

As I walked over from LKC LT to LT19A, I find it very weird. Here I have a free ticket for a concert that provides free ice-cream and where I am going to? A talk. Something is wrong. Maybe they should have a module for engineers to make decisions in such situations. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I persuaded my friend to go for the concert. And so we made our way back to LKC again. It was a good exercise. I think 4 years of walking in NTU can make almost anyone fitter.

We reached LKC. Somehow LKC reminds me of KFC. Never mind. Coming back to the topic, the concert started late. I guess the band was late or something like that. I saw my friend in CAC as an usher and I realized that it wasn't easy to be in crowd control as everyone have their own way of thinking and doing things, especially so if we are talking about a teenage crowd where you have young and vibrant people.

As I was walking I saw Her (the one in mentioned in the "She Likes Me?" post). Lol...was she here for the concert to? I don't know. Anyway I went to the ice cream booth and asked for the free ice cream that I was entitled to. The kind lady there said that the ice cream had not arrived yet. Oh well, I guess my friend and I just have to wait. So we waited. While waiting, there was a man from Advisors Alliance came and talked to us. I knew that it was some sales talk for us to join and be under his team. Not my kind of conversation, yet I still listened to what he has to say. He said something and the way he talked just...don't know lah. The ice cream finally arrived and we took our ice cream. After taking our ice cream, we walked over to the man to hear what he has to say. After awhile, people started to go into the LT and this man was still trying to convince us to join him. I forgot how the conversation ended but we said thank you and left. We walked into KFC LKC LT. For the first time ever, I am going to see a concert in LKC where I had my maths and materials science lecture. It's kinda interesting to see how the LT is under different situations.

We walked into the LT and somehow my friend was separated from me and the lady usher told us to sit on the front row. I asked if I could reserve a seat for my friend and she said no as people are coming in. Oh ok, she's a lady and it's not nice to argue with ladies so I just sat down while looking for my friend. They blasted the music as people made their way in. Let me tell you the music was loud. it was almost deafening.

I applied the knowledge I learnt in my "Sound In Everyday Life" elective whereby loud sound can make you deaf. Actually it's logic lah. It was loud, and my ears hurt. I wonder how the young people in front manage it.

My friend walked in and I quickly waved to him to sit near the empty seat beside me. When he sat down he too mentioned that the music was too loud. So we made our way to the back. The sound level was much better there. My friend sat on my left and some lady sat on my right. The emcee was some lady from Yes 93.3 FM. After selecting four people from the audience for some stage games, the emcee introduced the band.

The four ladies walked out and played some songs. The songs were okay. I was paying attention to the drummer rather than the concert to see if I could learn a few tricks from her. She was good and pretty skilled. I mean if you are a band drummer you have to be of a certain standard. I wrote down on a sheet of paper some rhythms that she played and the girl beside me was looking at me wondering what this engineering student was doing in a concert with a pen and paper? She maybe thinking that I was calculating the resonant frequencies, harmonics and overtones from the instrument. Sheesh, not all engineers are like that.

Halfway through, I saw a group of foreign students standing up and cheering and waving. They don't understand Chinese and are more hyped up than us who understand Chinese. Unbelievable. Or maybe it's just exam stress. Anyway, I found out later that they were from France.

The concert ended and as I made my way to the exit, I saw Her! Lol! She was in the concert after all. Anyway, I didn't talk to her as she seemed occupied and left the LT with my friend. What a long post. I better study for my three CAs on Monday. See how much time blogging can take? It took me around 90 minutes to write this. Lol! Do you take this long to write a post too?

By the way, it's nice to see people tag on my board and thanks for the tags. I may take sometime to reply as you know NTU is where smart students study so of course we are busy attending concerts with studies. When I am free, I will continue on the "She Like Me?" post again.

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