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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Value Of Honesty In A Relationship (Part 2)

I don't know if I can complete it as I will be overseas on next Wednesday. I will be at some place where the Internet is a luxury and the fastest speed reach to only about 56k. I know, it's primitive and all, but hey, I am visiting my relatives for Christmas :)

Okay. Here's part two of the story. For part one, you can click here.


Alex: Hello? Is this Uncle?

Uncle: Yah why?

Alex: Alex here. I have something that I need to talk to you about. It will be good if Auntie can be there too.

Uncle: Oh ok. Is it urgent?

Alex: Erm, not really. Whenever you are free, we can talk about this.

Uncle: I am free tonight. Will tonight be good for you?

Alex: Okay.

Somehow, Alex just wished that they would never have the time. Sadly, he couldn't avoid it. What's worse was that the appointment would take place that night. Was it too fast? No, lest Alicia tires from the waiting and decided to break up. But will she? He knew deep inside that she really loved him. It was hard for Alex, the confusion he's having and the meeting later in the night simply was quite a handful for him to handle. Nevertheless, the least he could do was to prepare what to say. Hopefully, it would be much better than his botched delivery to Alicia the other night.

During his breaks, he would rehearse on what to say. Be direct? Beat around the bush? Give hints and not be direct? He tried them all.

Alex: Erm, Uncle...Auntie...I have something to tell you.

Alex: It's kinda hard to say, so please give me some time.

Alex: That won't do.

Colleague: You talking to me?

Alex: No.

Colleague: Chill man. Don't let work take its toll on you.

Alex: Thanks.

After work, Alex decided to drop by home and change into something casual before going to Alicia's house. He took a quick shower and for that night, he decided to wear the shirt she bought for him.

It was the shirt that started it all...

Alicia: Alex, you free tonight?

Alex: It seems so. Is anything wrong?

Alicia: Well, my younger brother needs help in his school project.

Alex: Can't you help him?

Alicia: That's the problem. I took Econs and Humans in school, unlike him who took the Sciences. It's like he asked me on some Einstein's three laws on some forces and acceleration stuff.

Alex: You mean Newton?

Alicia: See what I mean?

Alex: Was that on purpose?

Alicia: If it was I would have said Alicia's laws.

Alex: Not funny, but nevertheless a good try.

Alicia: Hey. Okay I admit, it's not funny, but will you help me then?

Alex: *pause* I guess it wouldn't hurt to help a JC kid eh?

Alicia: Thanks!

She had her way with words and that was one of the qualities he saw in her. He tried to avoid developing any form of relationship knowing that his past would be an obstacle one day if he went on with her. How true he was.

Alex: Hi Uncle. Hi Auntie. I am here to teach Alicia's brother on some academic stuff.

Uncle: Oh yes. Please come in. He's waiting there at the study room.

Alex: Okay.

He walked into the study room as he looked around. It was his first time there. Where was Alicia? Nah, that's not important as after all, he wasn't in favor of having a relationship with her.

Ace: You the guy who's here to teach me?

Alex: Yes kid.

Ace: Do you define a kid as someone who's 18 years old?

Alex: Erm no.

Ace: Well, we can start by not calling me a kid. You can call me Ace. You are?

Alex: Alex.

Ace: Okay, let's go straight into it.

Alex: Sure.

Alex started to teach Ace stuff that Ace wasn't sure in. From Newton's Laws to Calculus. Everything was a piece of cake. After all, in his final year of university, all these no longer seemed foreign to him.

Alex: So if I apply a force here perpendicular to the plane, do you think it will be enough?

Ace: She likes you.

Alex: Yes, it is. However, if we add the extra load as stated in the next part of the question, where should we apply the force now?

Ace: Wait...

Alex: Huh? Why?

Ace: Didn't you hear what I said just now?

Alex: You said "wait".

Ace: For an engineer, you can be quite dumb.

Alex: Look, I am teaching you and helping you here. The least you could do is be polite.

Ace: Okay, fine. Sorry, I apologize. I don't see what she sees in you.

Alex: Huh?

Ace: Never mind. Like you explained a minutes ago, for such situations, a counter-force needs to be applied just Right?

Alex: Your sister has a smart ki...I mean brother.

Alex heard what Ace said but decided to play dumb as he was trying hard not to develop any relationship in fear of Alicia's rejection if she knew his past. Yet deep inside he really wanted to get to know her better and if possible...

Alicia: Hi Mum. Where's Dad?

Mum: He went to meet some of his friends for some coffee.

Alicia: Oh okay. How about him? Did he come today?

Mum: Why yes. He's in the study room with ah-boy.

Alicia: Yes! I knew he would come.

Mum: He looks like a nice guy, that's why we allow him to teach ah-boy. After all, nowadays there are perverts that take advantage of small children. Hey, ah-girl, you listening to me or not? Where you going?

*Door opens*

Alicia: Hi!

Alex: Oh. Hi! Your brother's quite smart you know. Are you sure he needed help?

Alicia: Huh? Why yes, after all his exams are near and all, so as he revise, there are some questions that he may have. Right Ace?

Ace: Er...yah.

Alicia: By the way, I went to look around for something and I bought a shirt for you in appreciation of your help.

Alex: Eh? Okay, thanks for the shirt.

Alicia: Welcome. Thanks for teaching ah-boy.

Alex: Ah-boy?

Ace: Hey! You know, for starters, I am 18 so stop calling me that.

Alicia: What's wrong? I mean it's not like something mean or whatever.

Ace: Alex, isn't this the part where couples should kiss and hug? After all, she gave you a present. Furthermore, I am 18 and quite open-minded, so it's okay if you..

Alicia: Why you...*blushed and walks to her room*

Ace: Haha...I am good at this.

Alex: Do you have a girlfriend?

Ace: No. Why?

Alex: Now I know why.

Ace: Hey! That's mean.

Alex: Haha...joking my friend. I am just joking.

Back to reality, Alex looked at his watch. It was close to 6pm. He wasn't hungry as that wasn't important than. Saving the relationship was. He looked at the mirror in front of him and for the first time, felt sad wearing that shirt. He prayed for the best and set off for Alicia's home.

Mum: Alicia, he called this afternoon saying that he wants to talk to us about something. Is anything wrong?

Alicia: It's okay mum. I am fine. Just see what he has to say to you.

Dad: It's almost time. I guess he will be here any moment now. Alicia, you sure you don't want to stay back and listen.

Alicia: I'm fine. After all, he wants to talk to you only right?

Dad: Well, yah. But if you want, you can join us any moment you want.

Alicia: No thanks. I guess I will just go out with my friends and all.

Dad: Okay. I will just wait here with Mum here for him. Can you bring me today's papers?

Alicia: Sure. Wait while I go and get it.

Dad: Thanks.

Mum: You know something?

Dad: What?

Mum: I don't feel easy now.

Dad: Relax. Maybe he's here to ask for her hand?

Mum: I don't know...

Dad: You woman think too much.

End of part 2.


I will stop here. After all, it's quite long already. Once again, feel free to comment or voice your views on this.

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Anonymous teddY said...

My sixth sense really sucks so please bear with it... well I feel that there is a big big big disaster brewing ahead. Desperately looking forward for the next update =)

2:41 PM, December 10, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

it's okay Teddy.

We will see how the story develops :)

8:46 PM, December 10, 2006  

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