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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Value Of Honesty In A Relationship (Part 5)

Okay guys, here's the final part of the story. Phew, it sure was a time-consuming piece of work, but worth it. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Below are the previous parts of the story:

(First part, Second part, Third part, Fourth part)


It was Saturday and Alex woke later than usual not at all excited about the meeting later on. After all, who would be enthusiastic on learning of a break up between you and your love? Yet he had already told her that he would meet with her. So he decided to SMS Alicia on the time of meeting.

Alex's SMS: What time should we meet?

Alex waited for a reply. He wasn't expecting an immediate one as things weren't that pretty in the first place. Suddenly his phone beeped.

Alicia's SMS: Night will be good. About 6.00pm.

Wow. That was fast. Was there hope for him? Or was she trying to get this over and done with? Alex could only hope for the best. In the meantime, he decided to get her something. Something that would tell her how he felt. Something for what could be the last meeting...

It was evening. Alex placed his gift in his bag and went off. He didn't bother to have dinner as he was too anxious to eat. He reached the place and looked at his watch. 5.50pm. He was early.

Alicia: Surprisingly you are early.

Alex: Well, yah. I was kinda free, so here I am. You are early as usual.

Alicia: Do you know why we are here?

Alex: Yes, you have decided and you wanted to tell me your decision.

Alicia: Urm...yes.

Alicia: But before I tell you. Let me ask you something.

Alex: What is it?

Alicia: Do you still remember the first time you came to my house?

Alicia asked this to start the conversation going, else it will be very awkward with the silence.

Alex: Yes. You told me that your brother needed help in his work.

Alicia: Yes. Anything else?

Alex: You gave me a shirt as a form of appreciation.

Alicia: True...

Alex: One more thing. Your brother told me that you liked me, but I pretended that I didn't hear him and continued on.

Alicia: Yes, he told me about it. Before you came, I told him to help me drop a hint, but I didn't expect him to be so direct.

Alex: It sure was.

Alicia: By the way, helping my brother was an excuse. I actually wanted my family to meet you.

Alex: !

Alicia: Well, my family was curious and so I did that to let them meet up with you.

Alex: I see.

Alicia: Well, anyway all that was in the past. I remembered how you used to tell me how we must move on and all that.

Alex: True...

Alicia: So here I am and I guess it's time for me to tell you about my decision.

Alex: ...

Alicia: You see, I have thought long and hard. Finally I came to this conclusion...

Alex: Wait...before you say anything, please take this as a present from me to you.

Alex reached into his bag and reached for the wrapped gift. He gave it to her.

Alicia: Thanks.

Alex: Erm, hope you like it. Thanks for everything. I treasure the times we had spent together. I guess I will be going now. I am sorry. I guess after the preparation and all, I am still not ready.

Alicia: Huh?

Alex couldn't take it any longer and decided to leave the place. He walked away from Alicia with head bowed down and hands tucked into his pockets. All he hoped for was for Alicia to keep his present.

Meanwhile, Alicia stood motionless, stunned by the unexpected move from Alex. She opened the wrapped gift and in it was a scrapbook titled "Memories". She opened it and saw photos with captions on each page. As she flipped through the pages, she was brought through memory lane.

There was one during Talent Night where she sang and he took photos of her. That page had the caption "The most beautiful woman". Then there was this other photo where she slept with her head against his shoulders in the bus. The caption there was "You are my cute little angel". Next was this photo showing a cut from an elbow. The caption for that read "It was painful but worth it to see you safe". At that point of time, her vision became blurred. Pearls of tears dripped down on the book, leaving wet spots. She flipped all the way to the last page. In it was a handwritten "I Love You Alicia". She lifted her head and saw the man in the scrapbook walking away.

Alicia: Wait!

Alex heard her and stopped. He turned back and looked at her. She began to walk towards him with her head bowed down and the scrapbook held between her arms and chest.

Alicia: I...I...don't know what to say.

Alicia: These photos and captions...they are beautiful.

Alicia: Thank you.

Alex was glad that she liked the gift. It took him the whole afternoon arranging the photos and thinking of captions. He could hear her sob. Was she touched? With every sentence she spoke, she walked closer and closer to him.

Alicia: All these memories...they are wonderful.

Alicia: I didn't expect you to keep them all.

Alicia: It is a surprise for me. I didn't expect this.

This time she was standing in front of him. Alex could smell the fragrance from her hair. It was the same fragrance he remembered.

Alicia stopped and looked up into his eyes.

Alicia: You know something? My decision is...

Alex: ...

Alicia: To accept you for who you are *smile in the midst of a tearful face*.

Alex: !

Alex was stunned! He was too stunned to react. At this point of time, Alicia hugged him. Alex was happy...very happy. He hugged her back.

Alex: Thank you. I don't know what to say.

Alicia: I love you Alex.

Alex: I love you too Alicia.

At that moment, Alex kissed her forehead. Alicia blushed.

Alicia: Aw...that's so sweet.

Alex: Really? And I thought someone was complaining I wasn't romantic enough?

Alicia: Hehe...

Alex: *smile*

Alicia: By the way, do you know what day is it today?

Alex: Saturday. Why?

Alicia: I guess you have forgotten about it. It's okay.

Alicia reached into her sling bag and brought out a wrapped gift.

Alicia: Happy birthday Alex.

It was his birthday! Alex had totally forgotten about it. He was too engrossed and worried about the relationship and forgot that it was his birthday.

Alex: Why...thank you.

This time, Alex couldn't hold it any longer and started to tear.

Alicia: Aw...I see tears in your eyes.

Alex: Hey, it wasn't me first who started to tear.

Alicia took a piece of tissue and wiped the tears away from his face.

Alicia: There. You look much better now.

Alicia: Anyway, I hope that you like it.

Alex: Well, your acceptance was already a wonderful gift for me.

Alicia: Well, that was part of my plan. That's why I chose to meet today. Good thing you said that you could make it, else I would need to choose another day.

Alex: That's so sweet of you.

Alicia: Well, today's the day someone special was born. How could I forget?

Alex: *smile*

Alicia: Come on. Open my gift.

Alex: Okay.

Alex opened the gift and in it was a framed picture of the both of them.

Alicia: I made the frame myself.

Alex: Really?'s good.

Alicia: Thanks. *smile*

Alicia: By the way, do you want to have dinner? I was hoping that you didn't have any earlier on so that I could accompany you for your birthday dinner.

Alex: Really? Okay.

Alicia: So where do you want to go?

Alex: Do you have a place in mind?

Alicia: Smart. That question didn't need a reply. I already have a place in mind.

Alex: By the way, what was your parents' decision?

Alicia: Oh that. They told me that once I made my decision, they would tell me theirs. Their reason was that it was my life and hence I should have the first say in it. You know something?

Alex: Yes?

Alicia: When I told them that I accept you for who you are, my mother started to tear.

Alex: Auntie? But why?

Alicia: Well, apparently, they found the whole situation familiar. My uncle, my mother's brother, was once in your shoe and well, my mum supported him all the way until his girlfriend accepted him. Kinda like a coincidence huh?

Alex: Really! Wow...

Alicia: Well, yah. I was shocked too. My mum saw that he was honest and decided to help him. But I didn't expect the same thing to happen to me. It's kind of surprising.

Alex: Ooo...I see...

Alicia: Anyway, my parents are touched by your honesty and advised me to keep the relationship. That was their decision.

Alex: That's nice. I guess I better buy something for them for being so nice and understanding.

Alicia: Well, it's up to you.

Alex: Hey, so where are we eating?

Alicia: Haha...getting hungry already is it?

Alex: Yes.

Alicia: Well, let's go to my house then.

Alex: Huh? I thought we were going to eat?

Alicia: Well, my mum cooked a feast back home.

Alex: Huh? That will be quite embarrassing.

Alicia: It's okay. They accept you too you know. Anyway, Ace's girlfriend will be there too. It will be a great family occasion.

Alex: I am not so sure about this...

Alicia: Aw...come one.

Alex: Okay.

They took a bus to Alicia's home. This time, the bus journey was filled with happiness.

Alicia: By the way, I saw your scrapbook. It was nice. This bus reminds me of one part.

Alex: Thanks. Which one?

Alicia: The cute little angel part.

Alex: Erm...yah...

Alicia: Are you blushing?

Alex: I am not.

Alicia: Hehe...your face is red.

Alex: No, I am not.

Alicia: You look cute when you blush.

Alex: Haha...okay...I lose. Hey, the stop's here already.

The happy couple alighted from the bus and went to Alicia's house where the family had a feast. It was a happy ending for Alex. No doubt the truth hurts, but Alicia and her parents were impressed by Alex's honesty and they accepted him for who he was. It was no surprise that Alex and Alicia got married later on in their relationship.

This is the story of Alex and Alicia, a story on the value of honesty in a relationship.



So what do you guys think? Will you like Alicia, be able to forget one's past and accept them for who they are? Will his/her past be an obstacle to your relationship? Is the Alicia type of people long gone in today's modern society? Feel free to comment on what you feel and think.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all enjoyed it :)

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Anonymous teddY said...

Aww what a sweet ending! I love the scrapbook part =) Let me guess... so they lived happily ever after?

Anyway, thank you Steph for sharing the story with us, and investing so much effort in typing the entire story out (I bet if you could say it verbally it would take less than 30 minutes), presenting it in words is the hardest part of all!

Thanks again!

7:30 PM, December 12, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Well, as normal married couples, they do quarrel every now and then.

Welcome Teddy :)

7:55 AM, December 13, 2006  

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