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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's almost a month since I last blogged! Wow...that's a record. It only shows how busy life is in NTU or maybe it's just busy for me.

Anyway, a lot of things happened in these few weeks. I got sick with a fever of 38.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday but thank God that I recovered on Monday. Monday is my longest day so it will be no joke to go through your longest day with a fever unless of course you are trying to break some record.

Anyway, what interesting things have happened in my life? Well, there are a few things.

Let me start of with the first thing which is the Adobe Workshop which I attended. It was on Tuesday afternoon. I went there with my friends and tried to learn what we could as after all it's free. So why not just sit down and learn something? We went there, registered and took our seats. We waited a while before the speaker introduced himself. He called himself an Adobe Evangelist. Now that's something new. I didn't know that there was such a fancy title such as "Adobe Evangelist" who goes around teaching people how to use Adobe products. Evangelists, from my knowledge, are people who preach the Gospel. Anyway, he said he was an AE (Adobe Evangelist) and started talking. There was this point where he was about to open a graphic file he created to show us and he said something like this.

AE: Now I am going to open one file to show all of you. After I open it, all of you must say very nice okay? Because I made one.

I rolled my eyes and waited for this supposedly fantastic picture he was about to show us.

Suddenly the screen showed this picture and there was silence for that split second.

(Note: The picture wasn't exactly this one but something similar.)


The next thing I heard was people laughing. Why were they laughing? Because instead of saying very nice like what the AE told us to do I said "AIYO!". Worse still, the room was silent when I said that. I became famous for that instant.

AE: I know it's not that nice lah but I heard someone say "aiyo". Who was it arh?

My friends looked and me and I looked at the AE. I smiled to myself.

Okay maybe the picture was not so bad but I was expecting more.

Another thing I saw was the final result of Britain's Got Talent. Remember the cute girl who sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and the man who sang one opera song? Yeah, that's the show. I know the results were out long ago but hey in Singapore, we don't hear anything about it. I was curious as to who won the contest and decided to check it out. Personally, I felt that both the girl and the man were good.

Here's the video of the girl Connie Talbot.

Here's the winner of the show.

Anyway, both of them were great singers.

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