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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Post Before NTU MSE/SCE Freshman Orientation Camp 2007

I went to Jurong Point today to buy some stuff for the upcoming FOC (Freshman Orientation Camp). As I was looking around, I chanced upon two girls. At first I didn't really noticed them until I walked past them and overheard one of them. She said this.

Girl: Can he ******* shut-up?

Whoa. She's like just a secondary school girl and there I heard an expletive from her mouth. I began to think how some young people these days are fluent in such languages and show no restraint in using them. Not that I hate them or anything like that. It's do you say...weird. As I was thinking, lo and behold an auntie in front of me said this.

Auntie: Chou nan ren. (Stinking men.)

I guess, it's one after another. Am I like living in the twilight zone, expletive department or something like that? No. I am in Singapore. And I thought "love" was our favorite word. Nevermind.

I walked and bought some stuff. I saw another girl, and she resembled closely to someone I know in primary school. It was in a split second. I was about to call her name but she turned away. I guess she must be her twin sister. Wait...she doesn't have a twin sister. Nevemind.

I walked along the Jollibean stall and saw another person again (what's up with today?). This time I know that I really know her. She was my senior in NJCSB (National Junior College Symphonic Band). She was with one guy. So I guess I better don't disturb them...haha. Or maybe they are just friends? She is now studying in NUS. This girl has a very interesting feature that I can only find in her and nobody else (until now that is). She has this very interesting feature about her that puzzled me since the day I saw her (meaning since I was in NJC).

Her feature is this. It's something to do with her looks. You know how some girls have a boyish look making them look like a tomboy or butch? Well, for her it's different. She has a boyish look, but it's the handsome kind of boyish look. As a girl, she's pretty okay looking. In short, she's both handsome and beautiful. Weird huh? Well, that was what I thought too when I first saw her. She looked like a guy (a handsome one unlike me) from a glance and yet like a girl (a beautiful one) from another glance. It's as if her face was a composition of both a handsome guy and beautiful girl's faces. I don't blame you if you think I'm talking crap but seriously, she's beautifully handsome or handsomely (this part is crap I admit). Must be her genes. I won't be surprised if she has male and female suitors after her, although it can be kind of scary though. Her personality is nice. She's an okay-person. Someone you can be friends with. I also heard that she's smart. Of course once you know her, you won't think of her as a boy but as a girl. However, if it's your first time meeting her, you will experience the is-that-person-a-he-or-she kind of dilemma.

Anyway, I have bought my things. I will pack tomorrow night the day before the camp. However, before the camp starts, I have certain thoughts.

1. How will it be like?

I hope it's fine. When I was young, I wasn't very socialable. To what extent? It depends. Of course once the ice is broken, we will get ice cubes. Joking. Once the ice is broken it will be easier to chat and all that. Of course the people you mix with must be willing to break the ice too. If not, you get one ice cube plus another ice cube and you get two ice cubes. No broken ice.

2. SP (Special Partner/Pal) Night.

For those who don't know what SP Night is, it's where a guy and a girl will be paired off to get to know each other better and finally, they club and exchange gifts.

Seriously man. I feel like I am taking part in the SDU matchmaking scheme. However, I appreciate the effort and time spent by the seniors in making this. It can be quite an interesting thing. Let me illustrate:

Lady: Hi, my name is ABC.
Me: Hi, my name is Stephen.
Lady: So...anything to talk about?
Me: Nothing (refer to point 1 on my lack of social skills).
Lady: I see.
So both of us stare at space until time is up.

Okay, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it's like this:

Me: Hi, my name is Stephen.
Lady: Hi, my name is ABC.
Me: Cool dudette! Your name consists of the first three words of the alphabet. Easy to remember!
That will totally end (not to mention ruin) everything.

Jokes aside. I don't know how this SP Night will turn out. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I have bought the gift for my SP. I hope she likes it. It's a jack-in-the-box that pops out. Joking. I may get a slap for that.

Truth be told, it's a card and a gift. Why a card? Well, I figured out that since no one knows who their SP is, it's highly unlikely that any of them would buy a card. Well, I have that card, so that my SP will feel special to be the only one who received a card from her SP. It's not like she's my girlfriend or whatever, why I don't even know her. However, I just hope that whoever she is, she will enjoy herself being my SP. ( touching. No lah where got touching? No one touch you wad. -_-''')

3. Clubbing.

In point 2, I mentioned that we will meet our SP in a club. First of all, I've never ever been to a club. Second I hate clubs.

I remember how in the army my very good friends tried very hard to bring me to a club. I appreciate their kindness, but clubbing simply isn't the place for me. I suggested for us to go to the library instead and they were all like -_-'''.

I don't go clubs because I have a very bad impression of clubs. When I was small, I grew up in Indonesia. The clubs there were associated with people flirting, people behaving promiscuously, gambling and drug sales. Here in Singapore I guess it's the same thing with news about how people got into fights, people got killed...etc. In short, I have a very bad impression of it. When my GL (Group Leader) called and told me that we had to club, I was like "oh man". It really tested my values. However, I can't really reject and say no can I? I will only say no if we are required to take alcohol (which I feel is highly unlikely) or we are required to do things that are against my values. If it's just going there just to meet our SP, I'll treat that place as a museum.

Okay, I've talked too much. Hopefully, I can talk like that with the people in the camp and my SP (whoever she is). Got to go and prepare for the camp. Bye.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any clue to the girl u met while walking past Jollibean? Her initials?

As for SP night, just enjoy yourself! You might meet someone who has chemistry with you... Life's like a box of chocs, u'll nv know what's in store for you.

8:38 PM, July 17, 2007  
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