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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today was fine. I went to the library early in the morning to read. I managed to complete like 2/3 of a book there. I read at the Jurong East Library at the 4th storey. It was quiet and nice. However, being the place where teens gather, you can expect it to be noisy at times. The group of boys to the right of me were from a certain secondary school. They were suppose to be outside doing CIP by asking for donations, but they were there enjoying the aircon and chatting. Smart? I don't know. Anyway, I was reading my book, but their conversation seemed to be so loud and I can't help but overheard what they said. It's not my fault okay...haha. Guess what were they talking about. They were talking about girls! Well, it's a group of boys who looked like they are from Sec3 or Sec4. Well, place a group of boys with hormones in their blood and you'll get a topic on girls. No surprise. They were talking about a certain girl and how to attract her attention. Natural. After they quiet down, I continued to read my book. My book was about a man and his experience in MIT. It is a good read.

After reading, I checked the time and it was time for lunch. I bought some food and went home to eat. In the bus, there was an incident that happened. The bus passed by a certain bus stop. Just after it passed, an auntie pressed the bell. The auntie looked at the driver and the driver looked at her via the rear mirror. Then this conversation ensued. The conversation was in a mixture of English, Hokkien and Chinese. I will just translate all to English.

Auntie: Eh, I pressed the bell already. How come you never stop?
Driver: Auntie ah, you pressed the bell after I passed the stop. I can't stop halfway you know.
Auntie's Friend: But she pressed the bell already.
A Commuter: The driver is right, you pressed the bell a bit too late.
Auntie: Haiz...

In the end, the auntie, her friend and a senior man had to alight at the next stop. The distance between the two stops may not look far for me, but for them, it may be troublesome to walk over that distance. Lesson learnt? Remember to press the bell early.

At home, I switched on the TV and I saw this joke. It was so bad that I guessed it''s just bad lah. It was meant to be an educational question but somehow, the lamer in the show turned it into a bad joke. Here it goes.

Guy A: What's the difference between a "hare" and a "rabbit"?
Guy B: I know!
Guy A: So what's it?
Guy B: "Hair" grows on "rabbit" and actually, it's not called "hair" but "fur".
Guy A: -_-

I was stunned! Seriously. It was at Kids Central on one of the shows which I won't mention. I guess they are teaching kids to be lame too. If I had watched such shows when I was small, I wonder what would happen...

Anyway, the difference between a rabbit and a hare is that a hare has longer legs and looks bigger. A rabbit is much more tame than a hare too. For the details, you can look at Wikipedia.

I checked through my email and replied to a friend overseas. I decided to check his blog to see how he is doing. Surprisingly, he wrote a few lines about me. He would put a picture and below it, he will place a caption. This was what he wrote with photos that had my face.
1. some of the NS guys i would see every single day in MINDEF.
2. stephen tay, there are so many ways to describe him...but let's just leave at at this. he's the nicest boy i've ever met, with absolutely the most kampong style of dress. it's awesome.
3. yes ladies, he's still single.
4. okay, as much as i like steph, i think that's enough of him, don't you? from now more photos of stephen in this post.
Aw...that's so I am not too sure aboit the "kampong style of dress" part though. Maybe it's because I went to his birthday party with my shirt tucked-in. wonder how he knew that I am still Okay, I think he meant "like" as in friend-friend. Relax, don't think too much. All in all, he's a nice guy who would tell lame jokes. He was one of my NS friends who made life easier in NS. Here's one of his jokes that I remembered (it's not accurate word for word, but it's roughly like it).
Him: What do you call a frog without legs?
Me: Erm, frog without legs?
Him: Nope.
Me: I give up.
Him: Aw man, try harder.
Me: Leg-less frog?
Him: Nope.
Me: I give up.
Him: Lame sia!
Me: Huh?
Him: That's the answer!
Me: Huh?
It was only later that I realised the frog in the joke should have been a prawn. If it is a prawn, then the answer would really be "lame sia". Anyway, he's a nice guy.

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