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Thursday, June 07, 2007

My 21st Birthday

Well, guess what. It's my 21st birthday today! I guess I am now an adult. The guy behind this blog who tells lame jokes is finally an adult. Can you believe that? Me too.

When I was young, I made a lot of stupid stuff. For example, I thought that sleeping on my textbook would make me smart. I was wrong. I didn't receive any knowledge by doing that. The only thing I got was a sore neck. Another example would be sticking pencils into my nose and run around trying to see how long I could hold the pencils up in my nose. It was stupid. I guess I am now an adult and should act like one, but I guess if I am young at heart, then it shouldn't be a problem right? Of course don't expect me to stick pencils up my nose now as my parents would be worried...haha.

Today, I went with my family to Jurong Point to celebrate my birthday. We ate at Fish & Co. The food was great and so was the Anyway, it was a simple and nice meal. My parents asked me what I would like to have. Cake? MP3 player? I said no. I just wanted us to have a meal together. That would be good enough for me. I can buy the MP3 player myself later. The cake would make me fat. Yes, I am now starting to watch my weight. Why? Well, it's not very healthy if you eat creamy stuff that clogs your arteries.

Anyway, my parents said that I had a baby face. What does it mean? It means that I look young for someone my age. I didn't believe them until a few incidents. One of them was when I went to NJC's open house to look at how the band was. There, the student conductor asked me to join the band! He thought that I was some kid who finished his O levels! It was a joke and I laughed then. Another incident was when I talked with my friends of the same age. After talking to them, I went to sit with my parents. They were surprised that the guys I talked to were of the same age as me. They said that they looked older than me. Was it my height? I don't think so as our heights were kinda similar. My parents said that it was my face. I don't know if it's good or bad. I guess I should be happy that I need not worry about looking old.

My parents shared with me that in their times, when someone reaches 21, they would be given a key. Kinda like a symbol of adulthood. It's a representation of the "key to adulthood". I am not sure if this tradition continues these days. For me, I said that it was okay and a meal would be enough.

Anyway, no photos in this post as the memory card was not in the camera but at some other place. We only took pictures of the food and not anyone. Well, I don't really like to take photos. I remember the last time I took, the camera flashed when my eyes were closed! It was such a coincidence! Can you imagine a guy smiling with his eyes closed? It was a terrible picture man.

As I had my 21st birthday, I began to wonder how others would spend their 21st birthday. I know some of my friends would go to a club and celebrate, some would stay in a chalet while others would mug in the library. Some would spend it with their special someone, some with their close friends, and some with their families. For me, I am happy that my family was there to celebrate with me. Of course it would be nice to spend your birthdays with that special someone but hey, I look like a small I guess small boys shouldn't think too much...haha.

How would you spend your 21st birthday? If you are above 21, how did you spend your 21st birthday?

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