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Monday, May 07, 2007

Rude Aunties

I guess it's part of life. Every now and then, you will meet up with rude people. There are those who cough out phlegm and spit on the road (art?), those who cut queues and those who send spam emails. These are just a few of the rude things you may encounter in life.

A few weeks ago, there was this very amazing thing that happened. I think it happens to very few people on this globe, and at most only once. If you seen it twice or more, then I guess you can boast about it (if you want to that is).

I was in the bus 198 on my way to NUS. As usual, the bus was crowded. I don't know how are we going to have 6.5 million people especially when the buses can't even handle 4 million. I guess somehow, space will be made. Anyway, the bus was crowded. I stood near the exit of the double-decker 198.

The bus reached a particular stop and the exit door opened and people walked out. The people outside looked at how crowded the bus was and most of them gave up. The bus driver was kind and decided to open the front entrance. So it was I-squeeze-you-squeeze-and-we-all-get-stuck.

Now there was this very interesting auntie. As I have mentioned, I was standing at the exit. The exit door was opened for people to get out. However, there was this Super Amazing Auntie (SAA) that jumped from outside into the bus through the exit! Wow! Sadly there was no encore. I guess for that period of time, the exit became the entrance....for her. She jumped and landed in front of me. I was looking at her. She had the sorry-arh-paiseh look. I was wondering whether she would tap her EZ-Link card or get a free bus ride. She looked at the EZ-Link reader. I looked at it also. Sadly, it had the "No Entry" sign, meaning that you can't pay.

The SAA tried to squeeze to the front to pay (at least that's what I think). However, the crowd was simply to much even for SAA. So she ended up having a free bus ride.

Okay, maybe she was not rude, but still she got a free bus ride.

Now the following example is even better. When I saw this happening, I almost fainted. Okay, maybe not faint, but you know what I mean.

I was meeting my friend for the recent Tea Party that MSE held last Saturday. We went to Food Junction near City Hall MRT to eat. I ordered my food and sat down. Then my friend went to order his food.

Beside us was this couple (I think so). The girl was seating along my row and the guy was seating along my friend's row (my friend was seating in front of me). I was waiting for my friend to buy his food and this girl was waiting for the guy to buy his food. Then it happened.

There was this auntie who came over to the girl with a bowl of pulut hitam (a kind of dessert). This conversation followed.

Auntie: Excuse me, is anyone seating here?

Before the girl could answer anything, the auntie sat on the seat that was for her guy friend! And that's not all, wait for the auntie's killer move.

Girl: Er...sorry, but my friend is seating there.

And so she made her MOVE.

Auntie: Huh? Oh okay. Sorry but I seat already and so I can't move. Hehe *smile*.

Girl: -_-

Me: -_-

No, my face didn't transform suddenly into three lines but I almost fainted! I looked at the girl and she looked stunned. I looked at the auntie and she was smiling (maybe the pulut hitam was nice?). I looked away.

What kind of lame excuse is "Sorry but I sit already cannot move?". Seriously man, I think her killer move totally burnt the char siew I was eating. Yes, it was that deadly.

Then the girl's guy friend came. So what did he do? He sat beside her. That seat was supposed to be for one person, but because of some kung fu master having her pulut hitam, two people had to sit on that one-seater. Maybe they like it? Maybe it's cozier for them? Haha...I don't know. Or maybe, they are brother-and-sister? Then I guess there is nothing cozy then.

After it happened, I gave the kung fu auntie the benefit of doubt. Maybe she has some sickness that doesn't allow her to stand for too long? It does happen. I guess if that's the case, then things won't be so bad after all. It's just that when it happened at that time, it's easy to be angry. However, if the auntie wasn't sick but just trying to be funny, then I guess she failed, because no one laughed. Kinda reminds me of how bad my jokes are when no one laughs. At least I don't sit at other people's seat and smile and give reasons like " out to me. Mwahaha!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a nice reading
Other day we sent a box of choclate to our aunt
She rturned it saying that it is NOT her brand
How should I react

5:16 PM, August 17, 2008  

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