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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 (MSU 2007)

If you have watched the show, you will realize that there is a wide range of participants. They come from different backgrounds, cultures and ages. Amidst these differences, they have something in common - they all vie for the title of "Miss Singapore Universe 2007".

I did not follow the show. Today was my first look on MSU 2007. When the ladies stood in a line to be judged, it reminded me of my primary school days where we would line up during canteen time for our food. Anyway, when they lined up, one lady stood from the rest. She was Jessica Tan. Later on, I realized I was not wrong when both Judges' Choice and People's Choice ranked her as first.

During the Q&A section, one lady answered one question in a very interesting way. Joey Feng picked a question that goes something like "would you strip for art". Her answer was nice. It went something like "No I won't as I come from a conservative family. However, I won't mind being the artist." It was at this point of time when Adrian Pang remarked that he would volunteer to pose. Cheeky fellow. In her answer, Joey stood for what she believed in. She wasn't ashamed to say no and tell others about her conservative family despite today's open society where posing nude for art is assumed to be normal. I respect her for that.

Jessica Tan's answers weren't really impressive. It sounded like an average answer. No offence, it's just my opinion.

Then came the stage where everyone was asked the same question. The question was this "If your mother disproves your relationship with the man you truly love, what would you do?". Now, this is a very deep question. It involves love, one towards one's mother and the other towards one's true love. It tests the values of an individual. The mother or the boyfriend?

One very interesting answer was from Peggy Chang. Who would expect that both parties, her mom and boyfriend, would be there? Now to answer this question in front of both parties was very tricky. You choose one, you offend the other. One's her mother the other is her boyfriend. Surprisingly, her answer accepts both! Very interesting. Her answer was for her boyfriend to win her mother's heart just like he had won hers.

Peggy Chang wasn't the only one who surprised me. Joey Feng surprised me too. I would expect her to be the conservative and listen-to-mother kind of lady. So I expected her to say something like "mothers knows best and if she said no, it's for my own best". However, she said something like she really love the man she's with and she hoped that her mother would accept him. Something like that. I guess she must really love the man. Lucky man.

After the score was tabulated, Jessica Tan became Miss Singapore Universe 2007. Joey Feng was 2nd and Christabel Campbell was 3rd. All the best to the three winners and the 17 finalist.

I wonder how will the boyfriends of these ladies feel? Haha...I don't know but it will be interesting to know.

Did you know that Jessica Tan's birthday is today? She mentioned it when interviewed by the news people. Judy Lee wasn't around because of "work commitments" as stated by Jade Seah. She is a flight stewardess so I guess her plane maybe leaving today hence she couldn't join the final stage.

After the show, one must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different people have different standards of beauty. What this show has achieved was to select a beauty queen. Fair enough. However, a lady isn't defined just by the way she looks, but what she believes in, her values and her personality. These intrinsic traits can never be judged fairly in a beauty pageant as all they do is change in different attire and do the catwalk. How are you suppose to get to know someone better by looking at her do the catwalk? The only aspect of a lady you can judge during the catwalk is her beauty and the way she carries herself. Of course there are a few questions here and there, but I feel that it still isn't an accurate measurement for these ladies. One maybe lucky to pick an easy question; one may fail in the first question and succeed in the next 10 questions; one may just be confused at that time. To really know a lady would need time and effort, not a 2 hour show.

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Anonymous Angelina said...

Hey Steph..

Great overview of the Miss Singapore Universe show!

I just wanted to say that Joey was gutsy enough to say that she won't strip down for art.

And that too infront of millions of people (live or tv audience)!

Judges like contestants who take a stand for their concepts & culture.

I didn't know it before but the first time I became a judge I found myself giving more points to pageants who didn't try to blend with others but stand out as whoever they are.

Most girls fear to be labelled as outsiders or extremists - but that's what sets them apart from everyone else.

So I'm sure Joey scored some BIG points for her answer. You never know - she could become the beauty queen!

8:05 AM, April 26, 2007  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks Angelina.

You were a judge for a beauty pageant? Wow...I guess it must be hard to judge ladies who don't stand up but blend in with the others.

I agree with you, however, what you said can be applied to men as well. Both men and women would at most times rather blend in than stand out and be shot at.

Yup. I somehow feel that Joey is better.

9:02 PM, April 26, 2007  
Anonymous Felle said...

Hi Steph, I managed to catch snippets of the show on Youtube. Was intrigued by the way Jessica answered the Q&A section during the finals. I wonder why she started talking about MONEY. If i rem correctly, she mentioned her mum's love cannot be bought, and then said that even if her bf is going to give her a mil dollars for her love, she still can't bring herself to do it. Was puzzled by her replies since the question posed to her isn't asking her to tag a price to anything! Perhaps this answer does reveal abit about herself! Esp for one who is known to the public for being not as witty! Haha... Anyway, beauty pageant is a shallow thang! There are lotsa gals out there with brains, talents and beauty who would have got better things to do!

10:52 PM, May 11, 2007  
Anonymous beth said...

Haha...Interesting observation!
This shows how money-minded the lady is!

I feel that Q&A in beauty peagant is important as well(besides catwalk...figure..etc), to judge how the lady could carry herself infront of the crowd - to respond immediately & confidently!
Of course, the answers have to make sense too...sth refreshing for the judges! and to have a strong mind of her own!
If the immediate response to the question was 'money'...then that'll show how shallow the lady is. I agree, Joey is conservative yet brave!
I like this kinda girls;) oopss hahah

Anyway I wonder how this years Miss universe would be like!

4:19 AM, January 23, 2008  

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