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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Touch Us? Toilets?

I went for this workshop recently and the speaker was very funny in a Singaporean way. However, there was this part where he really made me laugh. The speaker the day before was a female.

Speaker: Before I move on, I would like to ask your something.
Speaker: Did the speaker yesterday touch you?
Speaker: Did she touch everyone of you?
Speaker: No?
Speaker: I guess I will go through it one more time.

Lol...I can't believe no one detected it! I mean, it was so obvious that he meant, "touched on a certain subject" but when he conveyed his message, it sounded obscene. Imagine a workshop where the presenter go around touching those present instead of the subjects...scary.

He's a nice guy actually. People make mistakes, but I guess such mistakes are common. Here's another incident. This time, the speaker asked us to go for a toilet break. He said this when people came back.

Speaker: Now is everyone back?
Speaker: Do you all have toilets?
Speaker: Good, now I can continue on with the subject.

I was like, "yah, I have one toilet at home". Of course I didn't say it out loud. He was another funny man. At that time, most of us laughed, unlike the speaker who "touched" those present.

I guess this only happens to those whose first language is not English. This is just my guess. Yet surprisingly, there are some who make the same kind of mistakes despite having English as their first language. Interesting...

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