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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

Chinese New Year was fun. It was where people visited each other and of course give red packets to singles like me. On Monday, we went visiting our relatives starting with my father's side in the morning and my mother's side in the afternoon.

On my father's side, there were cousins who were married and had babies and cousins who brought their girlfriends. Surprisingly, no one asked me that question. The most, they only hinted. We caught up with old times and got to know new names and faces in the family. On the way there, we saw quite a number of "misplaced" oranges. The pictures below show what I mean.

The best one will be the "misplaced" orange in parking lot number 168. If you are Cantonese, you would know what I mean. For those who aren't, it basically means "Prosperous all the way".

After that, we went to my mother's side. There, we played some games on the PS2 while the adults talked among themselves. My grandmother and some of the cousins came from Indonesia and joined us in this gathering. Among my cousins is this young boy who may grow up into a handsome young man (that's what most of my relatives say). Among my cousins, he was the one who was most willing to share his smile. Not only is he cute and cuddly, he's also good with words. Let me give an example. There was once he went to some place with this lady and this conversation followed.

Cousin: Where were you?
Lady: I was late.
Cousin: How come? Did you know that I missed you terribly while waiting for you?
Lady: Haha, you sure have a sweet mouth.

Here's how he looks like.

Many people close to me said that he's able to melt a girl's heart with his face, words and innocence. One thing's for sure, I do not have his skills, I guess that pretty much explains why I am still receiving and not giving red packets...haha. Anyway, my cousin is cute. He is well-liked by all of us.

When all of us were gathered, we had a simple meal cooked by my grandmother. It was very sumptuous.

So how much did I collect for my red packets? I guess that's confidential :D

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