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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Friendly Gesture

I was on my way home queuing up for the bus 334 at Jurong East Interchange when this guy suddenly approached me.

Guy: Eh, how come your face so buay song?

Me: ?

Guy: Don't act dumb okay.

Me: I am dumb.

Okay, so maybe the above didn't really take place. What actually happen was this.

Guy: Hi, is this the bus to Jurong East swimming pool?

Me: Yah.

Guy: So how many stops from here before I reach there?

Me: Well, I stay near the place so I can actually bring you there.

Guy: That will be great. Thanks.

Me: Welcome.

So both of us board the bus. It was quiet throughout the whole journey with a few questions asked.

After a few minutes, the bus reached the stop. I told him and both of us alighted. I asked him questions like whether he knew how to go home from the swimming pool and whether he knows where the nearest MRT (Chinese Garden) is. It was then that he made this comment.

Guy: Why is it called Jurong East swimming pool when it's nearer to Chinese Garden MRT than Jurong East?
Me: ???

I don't know what to say. I mean he's correct and has a point. This brought to mind the case of Redhill. Bukit Merah is malay for Redhill, but they are actually two different places! Interesting huh.

Anyway, I led him to street near the swimming pool and we departed after he gave a firm handshake and thank you. It feels nice to do a good deed :)

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