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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rainy Day

It was late. The transport to Jurong East MRT had left. To wait for the next one would mean that I had to wait for about 30 minutes more. So I thought maybe I should just take public transport.

I walked out of the building towards the bus stop. The rain was heavy. By the time I reached the bus stop, I was almost wet. It was a bad day. However, as time passed, I noticed a few interesting things.

1. The Clown

I was waiting at the bus stop for one bus (what else could I wait for?). Then there was this university student who ran under the rain to the bus stop. He saw his friend and his friend saw him. They talked for a while before the man who ran under the rain (let's call him A and his friend B) started to squeeze his shirt to dry it. Nothing weird. Everything looks normal. However, what he did next stunned me. He took off his shoes and his socks! It was not just socks but wet socks! He started to squeeze his pair of socks. I stared at those pair to see if any water would come out of it. Nope. Nothing. Ew....I am so not going to shake his hands. He didn't just stop there. He started to fling his socks in the air to dry it. Can you imagine droplets of "sock water" that gets flung all over? And near him were two girls. I pity them. B looked confused and puzzled. I guess this conversation followed.

B: What are you doing?
A: Drying my socks?
B: Must you fling them about?
A: It dries faster this way.
B: I don't know you.
A and B: Haha.

I thought it was the end. I thought I had to watch one guy playing with his socks until the bus arrived. It was then that I heard some giggling behind and I turned my head.

2. The Lovers

Lo and behold it was a loving couple sharing an umbrella under the rain. Normally people would complain how bad the day was, how drenched they are and how they didn't take down the time the rain started for 4D. However, this couple was smiling! It's almost as if they were enjoying themselves! It was romantic. I guess when you are in love, even the rain won't be able to douse the flames of love.

The bus came and I board it. It reached another stop and I changed buses. I sat down and waited for the bus to reach home.

3. The Foot Man

It was at a particular top where this particular man took the bus. Something seemed weird about him. Something was amiss. Then I realized what it was. He was not wearing any shoes. He doesn't look like a local. Maybe in his country it's normal for people to take out their shoes when it rains. However, for this man, I couldn't see his shoes held in his hands or was there any shoe bag. Where were his shoes? Could it be in his bag? It was the only thing that he was carrying. Or maybe he lost his slippers/shoes in the heavy rain. I don't know. At least he's not like The Clown who played with his socks. Thankfully he didn't play with his feet.

4. The Mother

After a few stops had passed, there was this mother and kid (around 3 or 4 years old) who boarded the bus. She was carrying her bag, her child's bag and a big umbrella. She looks tired and yet still need to ensure that her kid stays quiet and still. I realized how difficult it is for a working mum. No wonder many Singaporean mothers are hesitant to have children. First of all, it is tiring to have a child. Next, their career most probably will be at stake if they have children. No wonder the government is trying so hard to encourage babies and all. This mother and son also reminded me of my younger days. My mother used to wait for me when it rained outside my primary school. It was very nice of her. It was tough and I guess it still is tough to be a mother.

My stop arrived and I went back home.

Who says that a rainy day is all gloom? It can be interesting if you observe.

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