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Saturday, March 10, 2007

NTU Open House 2007

Today, I went to NTU's open house. I went there with my dad and brother. It was quite interesting. When we walked towards this open space which I have no idea what you call it, there were a lot of booths that displayed the school's CCAs. Then there was this building where the projects done by the students were showcased. For me, my first stop was to go into the place where they had booths for the different courses. Naturally, I went to the Materials Science and Engineering booth.

In that booth, I met some familiar faces. Very interesting. We talked and I got to know more about the school. After that, we explored the other booths. At this point of time, I tried to get to know some of my readers who were in NTU. So, I went to this particular booth and asked whether so-and-so was around. Apparently, the kind lady whom I asked was a year one student and she didn't really know that so-and-so. Oh well, it's okay then. After exploring the booths, we walked out for a Materials Science and Engineering tour. Quite interesting.

Before the tour started, there was this student who distributed Milo for visitors to drink. I took a cup. Now that Milo was very unique. How should I describe's not like your normal packet or canned Milo. The taste is different in a good way. It tasted better. I think it was the best Milo I ever had. Must be some new materials they used (that's why must join MSE). Anyway, after refreshing ourselves with the Milo, we went for the tour.

The one who brought us around was a nice lady. She helped us throughout the tour, explaining what equipments they used and how life is like in MSE. When we reached this place (I forgot the name of it), we alighted and looked at the different equipments they had. After the tour, we had refreshments! I think it's quite nice of MSE to have refreshments for visitors. Kinda professional don't you think? The refreshments tasted very nice! Sadly, we didn't have much time, so we left. I am not sure whether other school tours have refreshments or not as I didn't go for them. Why? Because my brother need to go somewhere else later in the afternoon. So after the tour, we took the bus back.

Now while we were still in the bus, we could see the Milo van still parked there. It's free and I am thirsty. Then this conversation followed.

Me: Later want to go and drink Milo?
Bro: No lah, we should just fill the water bottle in the goodie bag with Milo.
Me: Really? Like that very paiseh one you know.
Bro: Why not?
Me: No...we shouldn't do that. You know what we should do?
Bro: What?
Me: We should drive the van back to our house. Then we can drink all we want.
Bro: ...

Now, for everyone's sake, please do not drive that van away. It was said for fun and shouldn't be followed.

So after we got down from the bus, we drank some Milo. Of course I didn't ask the driver of the van whether I could drive the van away. He may just stare at me. After drinking, I went to the Eureka exhibits for awhile before we all left.

Overall, I would say that it was a fun experience. I got to know more about the school and the course that I am applying for. I can't wait to enter NTU MSE!

(Note: This is my 500th post.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes... and we @ MSE can't wait for you to join too!!!

So exciting isn't it... =)

5:09 PM, March 23, 2007  
Blogger Steph said...

To Anonymous,

Haha...good. I guess I need to wait for like 3 more months more...haha.

It sure is

9:08 AM, March 25, 2007  

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