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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Haiz...missed NS again today. Always get sick and sick. Today supposed to book-in but the symptoms came went to NUH A&E section and saw the doctor. The doctor said that it was "Post-Recovery Symptoms"...sounds so chim. But really loh...the chest pains, cough, dizziness and headache still there. Hope that my brain nothing wrong man...I want to go to Uni one leh...need all the brain I can get. But really loh...miss all my NS buddies. They are all very nice people...from M2401 to M2413. They were willing to help me in packing my stuff...taught me the things that I have missed out and even consoled me...telling me not to worry about my training but concentrate on getting better. all started with the hospitalisation on the 10th of January 2005. At that time I had chest pains and a high fever (39.9 Degrees)...went to NUH A&E...the doctor said got pneumonia (a lung infection) and said that I needed to be warded. Haiz...really missed a lot of training loh. But as they say in NS "Your health should not be neglected". So today (Sunday, 30th January 2005) I must rest and hope that all of these pneumonia symptoms will that I can get on in life.

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