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Monday, January 31, 2005


Decided to write a post, introducing myself. Haha...a bit wu liao but nvm lah.

Hm...I am a Singaporean who grew up in Indonesia. Bcoz of that I know English, Bahasa Indo (It's not the same with Malay), Hokkien (Medan and Chinese. Hmm...wad else?

I studied in JPS. Joined Badminton as a CCA...but didn't really get to take part in any Then PSLE. After that I went to CSS.

In CSS, I joined the Military Band and Student Council. Took triple science in upper sec. Didn't really like the subject combi they gave as there is only one triple science class for our not much options for me in the subject combi. was quite fun in CSS. Practiced real hard for SYF...still remember the night practices we sure was tiring. Especially more for me since I was the Percussion Section Leader...needed to call the Percussionists...tell them when to come...etc. But my Percussion mates are all nice people. Saw one of them the other time in JEC (Jurong Entertainment Centre). Lol...he grew taller than me. That time when I left I still remembered that he was still in Sec enthusiastic drummer. Haha...really miss my juniors. For our SYF we practiced real hard...but in the end...we got a Silver. We heard that we missed by 1 point to get a gold. Life after SYF was very sad...could see that every member was very disappointed. Even one senior clarinetist started to disappear from practices. However, I heard that our juniors got a Gold after my batch Well at least our school got a gold in the end. Hm...after my GCE O Levels...I went on to NJC.

NJC...NJC...the place where I spent two years of my life in. Joined the Symphonic Band and S&T Society. We played the National Anthem and School Song everyday...wonder what the school would do without But it was not in the end we got extra CIP hours for doing that. The same SYF again appeared on our band schedule. Same thing...practice hard and hard. Carried the heavy percussion instruments here and there to was sure tough. During the SYF competition, we could really feel the tense feeling that everyone felt. For me, I was afraid that the same thing in Sec Schl would happen again. Some of us missed a beat, skipped a note or even played out of pitch. In the end...we got a GOLD!! Sure was happy...first, and might be the last time, that I got a Gold for SYF. We even got into the top 5 Bands. However, during the "Band of the Bands" competition, we didn't make it. As for the S&T Society, I participated in the SSEF 2004 (Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2004) and the NSTS 2004 (National Science Talent Search 2004). A lot of effort was put in by my partner and I for. I can still remember the nights that we spent in IMRE (Institute of Materials Research Engineering) in NUS after school everyday. We had a very good mentor, Dr Nikolai Yakovlev. He is a nice and warm person who would teach us concepts related to the SIMS machine and Material Science. He guided my and my partner very closely throughout the project. I am very fortunate to have him as my mentor (Thanks Dr Nikolai Yakovlev). I heard from my other friends that their mentors were not as good as mine and that they were envious of Sadly, we only got a Merit in the SSEF 2004...sure took a long time to get over the disappointment. Everybody expected us to get at least a Silver...but things didn't turned out as expected. But it was the whole process I believe that was enriching...the scientific method of investigating problems...the different approaches and techniques to deal with a certain scientific problem and the skills needed to write a scientific paper. "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28. The next hurdle was the GCE A Level papers...haha...can't forget the hours burnt in the night so as to remember things such as 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine...Fehling's Test...Repiratory Quotient...Kepler's Third Law...etc. But in the end, we still survived through the GCE A Levels. Then came Prom unforgettable experience where we would soon part to go our seperate ways. Took a lot of photos and sang many were the days.

Now...I am in NS. With my hair gone and my second home in Tekong, I made new friends...friends who really cared for me. We sleep in the same bunk and talked about alot of things. Shared the ups and downs together.

So this is my life so far...not every detail was included as it would take hours to finish. But this is just a brief post to allow readers out there to get to know me better.


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