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Monday, January 31, 2005


Just had my lunch. I had steamed fish, some vegetables and some kind of soup. Luch was ok. Feeling a bit bloated now from the food that I just ate. Must remember not to eat so much...still in NS...must watch my diet. If not all those trainings will end up in wasted.

Looked at a few blogs today. Some talked about politics, some on their personal life while some were just places for There were some which are very't know whether can be like them a not.

Can't stop thinking about Weird huh? But it really worries me that I might need to do all those training again (Re-BMT). Haiz...but really loh. They must now be in the jungle is some test already. Really missed all those bonding sessions with my buddies...haiz. But they are still nice to me even though I am sick for quite long...a very understanding group of people. I really thank God for this group of NS buddies.

Hm...don't know what to write already...I think this post is a bit


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