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Monday, January 31, 2005

Next Morning...

Wow...the pain is back again. I wonder what actually causes all these pains in my chest. A shortness of breathe is also there...that restricts me to slow movements and non-strenuous activitites. Lol...I really do sound like some retired old man talking about his life.

Anyway, I really wonder how my buddies in NS are doing. Today is their first day for SIT Test (Situational Test). It's a test where the whole company is randomly grouped into groups of six. They will be placed in the jungle, facing different kinds of situations such as how to cross a river with the given resources or how to estimate the distance from point A to point B. Heard that this Test will be important for those who wants to go to Commanding Schools (OCS and SISPEC). I really hope that my friends who want to go there would excel in this Test.

As for at home is mundane. Occasional pains and shortness of breathe really spoils the day, especially the hope of a recovery. Haha...but at least I find comfort in that everything (be it bad or good) happens for a purpose. We may not know now what the purpose is, but we may know later on in life.

It was a good idea after all to start a blog. At least life at home would not be boring. So some of you might be wondering what I do at home...well, I help out with the household chores such as folding the laundry, hanging the laundry, keep the supply of drinkable water running. Other than these chores I also write a blog (Duh!), try to keep myself updated with the current happenings in the world, do a bit of light exercise and try to stay Oh man...the pain and shortness of breathe is back really do sound like an old man.


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