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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Good Old Days...

Life in NJC was truly unforgettable...haha...still remembered the jokes and pranks that we played on each other. I was in the class 03S21...the class remembered me as a guy who would tell lame jokes...cold enough to freeze the bunsen burner in the Chem Lab. where should I start from?

Ah project group. Well I am one of the few groups in my class who was grouped with 4 other girls to make a group of 5. Should I be happy or sad? I guess it was both. Happy because girls work harder than boys so that I can slack a Sad because I am the only boy there...hard to talk to girls lah...because don't really know how a girl's brain worked. Scared later say the wrong thing then they cry or get angry...I just hoped for the best then...

Hm...first group was it? Well it was the basic I-stare-at-you-you-stare-at-me kind of situation. We need some ice-breakers!! Coz we didn't know each other really well was only the second month after the orientation. So we just decided on which topic to do. Either "Blast From The Past" or the synergy question. After deciding to do the "Blast" question...we went to source for information...

The next few meetings were like that...nothing extraordinary...just normal talking...and boring stuff such as filling up of forms. But things won't be that boring during the June holidays...

We went to K's house and sometimes to E's house for group meetings. I can still remember how we all (more like the girls) laughed from my lame jokes. There was once while doing our project that P became bored and asked me, "Hey, you so like tt...have u ever had a crush before?" And I replied, "Hm...I don't think so. I don't remember crushing anybody" And what followed after was that everyone started to much so that E almost choked on the biscuit she was eating (sorry E). Then there was dinner time in K's house. I forgot what I did...but the girls all laughed, and I was like "What's so funny?". They said that I was lame and asked me to stop. I think it must be the lame comments on the food that I had made.

When the day our project was to be assessed by the teachers, everyone was nervous. We did our presentation and showed the teachers a modified Chinese Chess that we made so that other races could play. YL also performed on an Indian instrument. We all hoped for the best.

When the results came...guess what? All five of us got an A2...I was satisfied with the result, considering that the girls put in a lot of work while I provide the lame jokes to lighten their mood.

Ah...the boys in my class too were fun. In lectures we would sometimes crack lame jokes. Quotes such as "I am are lame" can be heard between me and B. Then there was M, a walking Campbell textbook. If you ask him what is the name of the cardiac tissue located in between the tricuspid valves and the ventricles, he would be able to tell you the answer in seconds (but we won't know whether it is the real answer or just some fad that he just make up). This M guy also has his own Periodic Table! Can you believe it? Mendeleev made the PT for us and he went through all the trouble just to make another one...and guess what? His PT looked similar to I wonder why he made it in the first place. I guess it's to familiarise himself with the PT.

Then there's D, a funny Indonesian guy. Likes to crack lame jokes too. ZR also...seems to be infected by my The ACS group, consisting of K, XY and J. They are a friendly bunch of ppl who are nice to be around with. Who else? Oh yah...the SJI group, consisting of D, C, M and N. They are also nice ppl. I still remember N...on my birthday he bought the cake for me (thanks man!) Not only that...he made sure that I get to eat the cake by smashing it on my I still remember how he chased my around the school with the cake on his hand. The both of us sure looked stupid. Luckily there was no principal or SP around. The girls in my class are all quite nice, helping me in my schl work at times. Basically I had a fun class in NJC...really miss those days man......

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