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Friday, June 10, 2005

Lion's Trail (National Education)

Today our company went to 3 different places for our Lion's Trail. The first is Changi Museum, second is Johore "Monster Gun" Battery", and the last is the NEWater Plant.

Changi Musuem:

The first of our 3 stations. The place looked solemn as our tour guide tells us the history of how Singapore fell into the hands of the Japanese. We saw items such as memos and letters written during that period by the POWs. Some of them were were written with hope and faith while others were written in despair and anguish. Then there was this section where they showed the various ways on how the Japanese tortured the POWs. Trust me...their methods are gruesome and inhumane. Next was a shop where we can buy items or momentos. Here...I noticed something ironic...or should I say weird. In front of me are two Japanese tourists...I was like, "Huh?!". Here we are, looking at how the Japanese have tortured many innocents and in front of me, and there in front of me are two Japanese smiling. Weird huh?

Johore "Monster Gun" Battery":

This is the most boring section of the whole tour. We saw the "Monster Gun". It was very long...about a bus' length. According to the tour guide, it takes 1 full hour to turn the barrel 360 degrees. The shell itself weighs about 800 kg to 900 kg. Its maximum range is about 30 m. However, its killing distance is about 20 m. The "Monster Gun" is used against any invading ships. The shell is to pierce about 90 m of armour. So it was no wonder that the Japanese soldiers were able to get to Singapore...the "Monster Gun" is ineffective against soldeirs. It is only effective against ships. Furthermore...the guns were placed on the east, west and south of Singapore. Sadly, the Japanese came from the north.

NEWater Plant:

This station is the most interesting one. Here we learn more about NEWater and the processes that results in it. First is a process known as Microfiltration, followed by Reverse Osmosis, and finally Ultraviolet Disinfection. There were games to play and video presentations to watch. We even got a free bottle of NEWater to drink. I gained quite a lot in this station, especially the various processes that I have just mentioned above.

After everything had ended, we were dismissed at Pasir Ris Interchange and I went back home.

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