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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Back To Camp

I will be going back to camp after church later. I am playing the drum for today's service and there will be new songs also. But after's back to By the way...tomorrow is Valentine's Day...

Haha...isn't it weird? I will be spending tomorrow in camp, an all-boys environment (it's a military camp you see). Valentine's Day in the year 2005, my 19th year on earth, in a military The wake-ups at 5.00 in the cookhouse...sweeping of floors...all of these for the next six days with the first day being Valentine's Day. Well, at least I am better off than my friends who actually go through even tough I shouldn't complain that much I guess.

My previous Valentine's Days were just so-so. Nothing spectacular such as going out on single dates or romantic moments depicted in television. They were just like normal days...there were some V Days that were not normal (abnormal sounds bad) in the sense that I actually received gifts!! But they were just normal gifts with no special meaning. They were gifts given by friends...not people who like me. least I have friends who cared to give on V Day.

Anyway...I won't be writing anymore entries until this Saturday as I will be in my camp in another small island (the island is known as Pulau Tekong).

For those who have no Valentine like least you have friends.
Once again...happy Valentine's Day to all!!

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