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Friday, February 11, 2005

Chinese New Year Outing With Cousins

Went out with my three cousins yesterday to Bugis. My bro and I reached first and decided to play first. However, the computers that were assigned to us in the LAN center was the end we didn't get to play until my cousins reached...sad right? Anyway, we decided to go to another place in Bugis to play....the rate was much higher ($2.00/hour) but they had access to So we thought of playing DOTA over But only three could be in the same server at any time...complained to the boss of that place but he said that there's nothing he could do...we ended up wasting our first hour trying to log in to (wasted 2 bucks). But in the end, we still manage to play...not together...but by

After playing for around 3 to 4 hours, we went to eat at the Kopitiam. I ordered a plate of pasta (cost $ was ridiculous...some noodles with sauce for that price. If I get smarter or taller by 5 cm, I won't mind paying the price...but the pasta just made me full, just like the $4.00 noodles my cousin had.) After eating, we decided to go watch a movie...only to find that the next movie was at 7.30 pm. It was 5.30 pm then. Two hours of free time...nothing to do. So we ended up walking all over the place and in the end...we decided to go home...lame.


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