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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Reunion Dinner

Everyone came at around 6.30 pm. We prayed and then started to eat. The food was great. Everyone was happy. Ate mee goreng with cousins ate some other stuff. We had crysanthemum tea for Chinese. Then after eating wanted to play the PS 2 with my cousins...but...all the adults wanted to watch In the end, we played UNO cards with children aged 3 to 5...what more can we ask for? We ended up explaining to them how to play instead of playing...

1. We told them that the "Reverse" card doesn't mean that you need to turn 180 degrees and face the other way. It just means that the order of turns is reversed.
2. You are not suppose to tell the people around you the cards that you have. Please don't say things like "Yay I am left with one card and it's Green 8.
3. Don't go around biting other people's cards. It's not sporting to do that and at the same time unhygienic for you.

After playing for what seems like a day in a child-care centre, everyone left for a Reunion Dinner it was. Luckily we didn't play Mastermind or else the children will end up eating the "dots".


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