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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Toy Soldier Held Hostage

Saw a lot of articles on a toy soldier being held hostaged. Realised that there are people around who would do almost anything to achieve their goals...or are just being weird. Holding a toy soldier hostage? Not only is the poor "guy" unable to defend himself...he also won't be able to feel anything if he is tortured or executed. (Executing a doll? Weird man...weird...). At least a real guy was not involved. This reminds me of children in kindergardens. The boys would play with action figures while girls will play with dolls.

Boy: GI Joe action figure is the strongest of them all...haha. And look! It has movable arms and legs!

Girl: Oh yeah? Well look at my Barbie doll, it has a wide range of clothes it can change into...from casual to formal to...

Boy fired GI Joe's grenade launcher and made short work of Barbie's Ken.

Girl: What the...

Boy: Haha...Ken deserved it. He is such a softy, hanging out with Barbie dolls throughout his life. He should be like my GI Joe.

Girl screams and slashes Boy's arm with her fingernails. Boy gets scared and drops his GI Joe and went to see the teacher.

Girl: This should teach you not to mess with ME!! But Ken is dead. What a loss for Barbie. Well, at least GI Joe here would make a better replacement. Having movable arms and legs sure beat Ken's plastic head.

Who turned out to be scarier in the end?


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Blogger weirsdo said...

Some people say me and my friends are scary. But I like cave trolls (Lord of the Rings toy) better than g.i. joe's. We have one male, who will soon be posted on our blog. He maybe would have been Ken, if he hadn't done so many drugs. By the way, Mrs. Weirsdo was interested in your blog, but I think it's bo-ring(I don't know hardly any Barbies who like to read).

10:28 AM, February 06, 2005  

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