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Friday, February 04, 2005

Drum Sticks

Saw my drum sticks today. It is really getting worned out. Have been using it for years? Anyway, saw that some of my friends have replaced their drum sticks with new ones from Vic Firth and Zildjian. Saw the drum sticks that they used the other time...looks cool. But my drum sticks are...old and worned out. Yet, I seem to like my drum sticks...

I guess as a drummer uses a pair of sticks in his/her playing, he/she will somehow develop a certain kind of bond with it (sounds weird huh?). Before playing the drums, the drummer will look for that pair of drum sticks that has been with him in the fill-ins and solos. Of course, after prolong use, the drum sticks will wear out. Then comes the thought of replacement. Some drummers give no thought about replacing their sticks while some find it extremely difficult to seperate with it. I guess it's the bond that has developed between musician (drummer) and instrument (drum sticks). Replacement of course is inevitable if the sticks break. Broken sticks makes playing the drum difficult and ineffective. But there are some people who still keep their broken drum sticks...these people are seen to be "too extreme" in their love for their drum sticks.

Would you keep your drum sticks even though they are broken?


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