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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Unlucky Friend

Haha...whenever I think of really makes me laugh. This guy called "Jack" (Not his real name to protect his identity), experienced something not many of us would. He told me after pestering him for quite some I will try to write in the first person to make the story more

Hi, my name is Jack. Lol...something...happened to me the other time. And it was only through my friend's persistence that I am sharing this story. It happened on December 2003 or 2004...

I was selected to go for this seminar in this University. Upon reaching there, we were introduced to our rooms. Because this seminar was a one week seminar, we had to stay overnight in our allocated rooms. In the same room is another guy...didn't meet him though...he may be in on his way here. So anyway...we spent the whole day learning music and stuff like that. At night time, we retired to our own rooms...the guy in the same room with me is still not there...he may be vary busy I guess. Anyway, I decided to take a bath...

I grabbed my toiletries and towel and looked for the toilet. Since it was my first time there, I didn't know the place quite well. After walking for a while, I found one. So entered it and went into a cubicle and started to bathe. While bathing half-way, I could hear someone entering into a cubicle. The person who entered bathed quite fast as I could hear the cubicle door open soon after that.

After bathing, I opened the door and went out. Just at that time, someone entered the cubicle beside me. I didn't really care. As I went to the sink to wash my hands...there before me was a woman!! She was applying some cream on her face when she saw I was like...stoning. What was even worse was that I was wearing my school uniform!! Oh man!! You tell me what I should do!! She was staring at me and I was staring at her...luckily she was wearing something, a bath robe to be precise. So I presume that she was the one who had entered the cubicle and bathed so fast. I tell you man...I wish that I was buried under a mountain. Sadly, there are none in Singapore...Bukit Timah would not be enough. So I was like "Erh...sorry...sorry...didn't know that this is the Female Toilet". She didn't say a thing...she continued looking at me. Without any delay, I walked out of the toilet and wondered how on Earth did I get into such a mess!!

Soon after that...I got a fever and was sent back home.

HAHAHA...funny man...the poor Jack. Still couldn't believe that he experienced such a thing. I am truly speechless. Heard from Jack that that woman didn't report that incident to the police. If she had reported...not only would Jack be in trouble, but his school as The Straits Times would feature his face...sad case man Jack...sad case.


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