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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Funny Incident

I am a Christian, a Protestant to be more exact. I play the drums in this church near Dhoby Gaut. It is an Indonesian must be wondering why am I in an Indonesian Chruch. Well I grew up in Indonesia and grew to be like them in certain aspects.

Well, there was this embarrassing incident. Still remembered this even after so long...

There was once when my mother was the worship leader and me as the drummer. She sang the final song and suddenly everyone came to a stop...except for me! As a drummer, our instruments would definitely be noticed especially when there's silence. I was puzzled...wondering why everyone had stopped only to realise that the song had finished. I guess I was not paying attention at that time. I was so paiseh at that time...wished that I could hide myself in the drum set. Everybody just looked at me with those eyes that seemed to say "You daydreaming arh?" Oh man...luckily my mum was ok with it.

Thanks God that they still allowed me to play the drum...haha.


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