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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Chatted with my Percussion friends last night. Sure brought back memories...

My Percussion Section Leader. Very bubbly and likes to laugh a Helped us with stuff that we didn't know. (Eg, she taught me on the mallets...bells to be more precise for Glitzville). Believed in us and really supported us all through the way. Is she fierce? Not really lah...actually quite a nice person. Brought stuff for the section during SYF and gave a pep talk before it. Really fortunate to haev such a capable young women to be our Section Leader.

The only other guy in my Percussion section who came in NJCSB in 2003. Real funny person...would tell lame jokes such as "What is red and green and travels at 70 mph?" and "What can you find in a clean nose?". Sometimes he would teach me on how to play the Timpany as I need to learn it for some songs...which I forgot. He is also my House Captain (Aqua House). During House Sessions...can see him leading the whole house into (joking). But a real nice person...can still remember the "cakes" he bought from Malaysia when he came was really nice. Don't know whether Singapore got sell a not.

This is another Percussion friend from the same batch as still remember when we were called to be "Honourary Drummers" for our school's National Day Celebrations. The training was horrible in that it would last from 5 pm to around 6.30 if the school's long timetable was not taxing enough already. But in the end we pulled through Can still remember how we panicked when we didn't know when to start the drum roll...haha. She's also quite a nice to laugh a lot. Sometimes laugh for no reason...but it's good lah in the sense that she would lighten the mood of the section.

An ordinary percussion member. Still remembered him playing the drum set for "The Final Countdown" and "Tubthumping"...quite nice. He is sometimes quiet but his lameness can be irritating at times. This can be seen when he told a lame joke to someone interested in joining Percussion during our school's open house. That person was irritated...after that that person didn't come back Careful with your lameness man.

Ah...the new Section Leader...hope that you are still doing well. A nice person and a lame one too. Sometimes he would tell lame jokes while the section laughs. Played the drum set for most of the pieces. One of the juniors who would call me an "IP student". Another nice person too...still remembered on how he would help me to buy drinks from the canteen during band practices. Still remembered that I was the one whom he approached when he stepped into the band for his first

Another pro Percussionist. Skillful in most of the instruments. Really a boost to the NJC percussion section. I remembered telling her the "Donkey on the Clift" lame joke and she't expecting that. I expected her to She was the one who called me "IP Student" the most...infecting the others to follow suit. Whenever there was an announcement for IP students whe would say "Eh...I think it's for you leh"

Another person with a bubbly character. Still remembered how she had trouble with the tambourine part for "Puzsta". Tried to coach her...but it wasn't easy as I myself am not a major in the tambourine. But in the end with her determination and resilience, she managed to play quite well. Thanks for your effort. Well...another junior who ended up calling me an "IP Student"

I remembered how she would say "IP Student" with a certain funny Sometimes she would stone but actually she's meditating for the next (joking). A junior who can't stand my lameness...haha...sorry that you need to cope with that. A major in mallets...played quite well for the Percussion Ensemble.

Ah...the "cool" Another junior who called me an IP Plays the accessories and sometimes the drums. Still remembered how Pl, Thms and me used to wait for the bus...especially after the long night practices...but normally they usually get to board first...leaving me to rot A real fun person to be with...sometimes can be quite serious though...must loosen a bit and enjoy yourself in NJC before you come to NS...haha.

So this is the Percussion Section that I grew up in during the years of 2004. I don't really mind the juniors calling me "IP Student" least they bothered to disturb me.

Oh can one ever forget the seniors who guided us to what we are.

The Section Leader before Eln. Very funny person...but can get serious at time. Played the drum set for "An American In Paris"...had a fantastic solo too. Nice person...organised section dinners and outings. Still remembered the face when she was stressed up...haha...a lot of "Argh...forgot to do my Econs hmwk" or "Argh...forgot to clean the cymbals" or "Argh...wad was that for?" Relax man...don't get too worked up...bad for your face. I still remembered her advice during the AGM "Don't stick to your beloved suspend cymbals...try the other instruments"

Another senior...quite nice too. Played cymbals with me for our SYF piece. It was fun working with her. At times I need to switch suspend cymbal sticks with times I would get lost in the music itself and need her to help me get back to where the band was...thanks a lot man. Don't really know how she is now...but all the best in your future endeavours.

Ah...the funny senior whose lameness is unbeatable. Very funny and lame person...most of the time, he would crack lame jokes and the whole section would laugh. Quite a capable person to juggle SC and Band. Once he helped me......I forgot in what but he did help me...I know it sounds a bit lame...but he did helped me.

A senior who took the same subject combi as me. Quite nice person too who would help me at times with my academic stuff, giving me tips for certain exams and stuff like that. I remember her playing the tambourine for our SYF piece...she had trouble rolling the tambourine but managed to in the now I still can't do that. At times may tell lame jokes too...but would laugh at them herself with one or two other people. I know how you feel Chryl...I experienced it

Another senior who helped us play in the SYF...played the temple blocks. Quiet at times...but when u talk to her, she will talk to you. Sometimes she would laugh and smile by the jokes that the section would share. Normally she will play the accessories for most of the songs...may be she is trying to master them.

Then there's this two juniors who left us after the first three months...

Likes to laugh a lot...really a lot. One lame joke and she will explode, laughing. At times her laughter can be so loud that the conductor would stop and look at our section. So how's life man? Hope that you will be fine in your new school and new environment. Another junior who called me an "IP Student".

This guy is a very good percussionist. Played the snare drum for the "Rosa" piece in his secondary school. But left the end I was asked to play this difficult Chatted with him yesterday and he still remembers what we talked about in Nice and friendly person who is willing to help.

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Blogger peekae said...

hey... wanted to leave a comment for quite sometime..
then i finally read almost all ur entries! hahah, really nice of u to talk abt the section! those were the times man!! haha.. i like ur entries, they're really interesting and really U haha. keep up the subtle lameness n crapping!

12:56 PM, February 06, 2005  

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