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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Can't Sleep

Haiz...tried to sleep just now but can't. Feeling feverish...sore throat just got worse from yesterday and feeling feverish. Hard to the end, end up tossing here and there. So that's why I am here writing another entry for my blog...

It's hard to be sick. There are a lot of things that you can't do. For example, you can't go out...can't eat your favourite food...can't sleep well...and a lot more. Lol...I really sound like some old man who has retired. But I hope that I won't be like that for long.

Interestingly, my mind wonders around when I can't sleep (I don't know is it just me or do other people experience the same thing). From NS it can wonder until NJC...then to my trip to Medan and later to tomorrow's TV program. Interesting huh? The brain (or at least my brain) seems to be able o wonder of to thoughts that are not planned in the first place. So how does it proceed on to that particular thought? To make things clearer, I will use an example...

Let us say that my brain is now thinking about my sickly condition. After tossing in bed (since I can't sleep), the brain proceeds on to NS. So the question is, how did my brain proceed from "sickly condition" to "NS"? I didn't plan to think about "NS", but it just went on to "NS". Hm...interesting right?

While this may be some neurology field, but in my humble opinion, I feel that it reaches "NS" from "sickly condition" by "linking". (Lol...some new term). Anyway, to me this "linking" is somewhat the bridge that connects different thoughts together. Allow me to explain...

When I was thinking on my "sickly condition", I begin to think on how on Earth did I get it. That led me to what caused my "sickly condition". I was sick since I was in NS, so naturally my brain would associate the cause with NS. (It might not be due to NS. It might be due to some other factors. But the fact that I was down with a fever in NS, caused my brain to associate the cause with NS). So that's how the thought seems to "jump" from "sickly condition" to "NS"...all because of "linking".

If this is true...then it can be used to explain how people's thoughts seem to wonder around. It can even be used to explain "daydreaming" that one experiences.

Haha...this is totally weird...that a sick man would be able to talk about such "chim" Ouch! I think the pain in my chest just came be too much thinking already. Guess I will stop here and write again some other time.

Note: Linking can be seen in this whole entry. From the title of "Can't Sleep" all the way to the concept of "linking".

(I am sorry if some of you don't really understand what I am trying to's just something that I thought of and would like to share in my blog.)

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