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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Call At Night

Last night was horrible. Coughed badly until the chest pains grew worse. Heard from previous doctors that excessive coughs will strain the chest muscles...this might be the reason for the chest pains...or is it? Left home at around 11.30 pm. The doctor could not detect the cause of it (just like previous doctors since childhood) and said that I had a viral infection in the respiratory tract. Gave me Panadol and told me to rest and drink lots of water. Reached home at around 2.30 am. Went for the bed...zzz...

Today, the chest pains lingered on...can you believe it? One night is still not enough for the chest muscles to "un-strain" itself? Guess that it might take sometime to recover...hopefully soon.

Anyway, last night, amidst the violent coughs and horrible chest pains with breathlessness, someone called me. I was so touched. The caller was my NS Buddy, Goh ZY (Thanks man for calling...really appreciate it). He called to say "how are you?" and "take care". Though these may be simple words, but they really mean a lot to me - someone who is seperated from my NS bunk mates by a health condition. That call somehow managed to ease the pain a little...remembering that my bunk mates in Tekong still remembers me. I really appreciate the constant care and concern that they showed me even tough I spent most of my time at home due to my health. Then there's Lee HQ Jthr, he used to ask "how are you? ok anot?"...simple words like these really mean a lot to me.

Once again, I would like to show my appreciation to all my bunk mates for their continual support. Even though they say that "bond between brothers is built after three months", I beg to differ. Despite my rare appearence in Tekong, I can still feel that there's a bond between us Section 4. Thanks a lot guys...

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